Sunday, February 26, 2012

Let's get on with it.

Okay winter...I am through with you.  I have put in more than enough of my fair share of gym time, cardio...and family time.  I deserve a bit of warm weather and dry pavement.  The gatineau loop and the bike paths are callling my name.  I realize it is only March but cmon.  Don't you think it is time to move along... 

You know you are ready for spring when you are considering taking a vacation somewhere warm just so that you can bring your bike and skates.  lol  How sad is that.  Especially since I am no where NEAR being in shape enough to open my spandex drawer.  Bulking these last few months always comes with a side effect.  A spare tire.  But I am not worried.  I am nothing if not determined.  I see inspiration all around me and that always pushes me in the right direction. 

I am looking forward to seeing my skating group again as well.  It has been too long.  Totally my fault for not keeping in touch.  Hopefully they have all been sitting on the couch all winter and are out of shape so that when we begin skating again I can keep up.  Unlikely but a guy can hope right?  ;)


Andrew Hegarty said...

I know the feeling very well. Todays weather was pretty good and I caught myself thinking about all the places I can skate/ride to once it's warm again.

C'est la vie.

A few more weeks isn't so so bad.

Hope to see you at a few races this summer, Cor! You should sign up for ;)

lifein360 said...

Well I think there is going to be a lot of snow over the next few weeks. I think our bikes will be out before our skates. Races? lol your funny. I'll leave that to you youngin's.

Anonymous said...

I hear ya on opening the spandex drawer. It's so frustrating, isn't it. ~christine~