Monday, April 2, 2012

Damn the truth

So it looks like my friend A. Legacy was right.  I used to feel all great when getting off the cybex machine after burning (what I thought) was 1000 calories.  It was my fav machine at the gym.  Not only because I enjoyed it, but because hell...1000 calories is pretty inspiring. 

Well they have replaced my cybex with a new machine.  It only provides calorie burn numbers according to your constant heart rate.  Well today, after an hour of some pretty high level intervals, my calorie burn was just 500.  Argh.  Damn reality.  I liked the numbers better when I was led to believe these fitness untruths. 

Now if I can only accept the truth that a PC Blue pizza isn't only 200 calories for a whole thing rather than 1/4 of a pie.  Baby steps...

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