Sunday, May 6, 2012

CN Cycle 2012

Cathou and I joined forces to do the CN cycle this morning.  The first real cycling event of the season for us slow pokes.  ;)  All it all it went pretty well.  We pulled in a 35k in just minutes over the hour mark.  I am convinced that had we started at the top of the pack and not in the middle, we could have shaved off at least 5 minutes of wasted time weaving in and out of crazy kids moving all over the place.  Talk about dangerous.  Top speed was just a hair over 45kph.  Considering there are no real downhills in Ottawa, that felt great. 

Anyway, we were pretty happy regardless.  I wanted to beat a few key people along the way and we did.  A total mind thing for sure but it is "my" mind thing so bare with me.  I was really surprised not to see more people (from the team) out but I hear that some of them skated.  I was in no shape to skate for 35 or 70k as M. Garvin did.  Crazy bastard.  ;)

So it was a good benchmark set for the season.  Easy to beat for sure.  Looking forward to more and more events. 

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