Friday, June 15, 2012

Home sweet Home

Looking forward to spending some time in my own city.  My whirlwind tour of Canada is over and I am back to my sweet bed.  Hotel beds suck.  Way to soft.  Just like the belly I have grown while on travel status.  Argh.

On the up side, it was great to reconnect with old friends and their new friends.  I love making new connections across the cities.  It makes life so much more interesting when you have someone to have dinner with no matter where you find yourself. 

I will have to take my camera with me next time.  I never thought of taking pics.  I not remember taking pics?  Don't even give me that look. 

Some Awesome Things about travelling:

1.  The "Intimacy Package" you get when checking into the Cosmo Hotel.  They EXPECT you to get laid.  Glad I could oblige.  lol

2.  Dinners with old and new friends.  Catching up and telling stories.  Awesome.

3.  Porter Airlines.  Your customer service was fantastic.  Surprised the crap out of me.

4.  Falling through the door and collapsing on your own bed.  Heaven

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, Porter shocked the hell out of me too the first time we flew it. ~christine~