Thursday, July 5, 2012


Travel is done.  Phew.  Looking forward to getting back into the swing of things here in Ottawa.  Tennis anyone?

Hiked the Luskville falls twice now and the second time was much better.  Why?  It was done at a human pace and not the pace of 3 teenagers.  What a difference.  Legs were fine afterwards. 

Birthday was quiet and spent away from home this year.  Meh.  Nothing to report there.  Well nothing I can put on a blog anyway.  lol

On funny note, the hotel check in clerk Tianna (a hottie little Kelly Rowland look-a-like) called me Beefcake when I was checking in.  That made me laugh.  She is now my favourite Torontonian. ;)

Although the customer service is excellent, Porter's flights are horribly bumpy.  I was in hell on the approach into Ottawa.   Anxiety sickness is no fun. 

Love this heat.  Please send more.

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Gabor Kmetyko (aka kilo) said...

More heat? It was 37C here on the 5th of July... and was like that for 2 weeks.
This week cool weather arrived. 27C on Monday, but Thursday will see 32C again :D