Thursday, August 2, 2012


So the Gluten free thing is done.  I did a full 30 days pretty strict with only a few minor mishaps that were almost impossible to avoid.  The findings?  Well I am not intolerant to gluten.  That is for sure.  There was no energy increase, no weight loss, no noticeable difference.  In fact, what I did notice were quite negative factors. 

1.  Without those carbs, I found I was more grumpy than normal and I thought about food all the time.  I couldn't focus on work because I was daydreaming of bread and cookies. 

2.  Also, without the "full" feeling that gluten filled carbs normally provide, I found myself eating twice as much non gluten foods.  Even though the foods were more natural and better for me, I would need to eat so much more to get the same energy levels that smaller portions of gluten foods provided.  Thus no weight loss at all.  If I had stuck to the same portions, I would have been starving all the time.

3.  Eating out, which I do regularly is almost impossible when you are gluten free.  Unless you order salads everytime.  But what is the fun in that?

So next on the life trials will be a sugar free month.  Now this is going to be a true test for me.  I can't remember a single day, in years, that I have not had chocolate or a sweet of some sort.  I am not sure how I am going to approach this but am looking forward to seeing what happens.

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