Monday, September 3, 2012


I have to say, this weekend at the 24hr race, I was inspired and awed at the amazing people I have the pleasure to know.  So many of them impressed me over the past 2 days.  Whether it was in speed, technique, positivity, drive or overall attitude, it made me miss skating so much.  It has re-ignited my desire to get back on those torture devices.  Of course, I have to get healthy again first and make sure I don't do myself any more damage.

So my hat is off and I give much respect and admiration to those of you who gave it your all this weekend.  Take comfort in knowing that regardless of your race level, you were inspiring. 

A special congrats to the winners.  It was great meeting you all and watching pros at work. 


Anonymous said...

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lifein360 said...

Thanks for reading. I appreciate the feedback.