Sunday, October 28, 2012

A pleasant surprise

Although I did a double yesterday with my p90x challenge, I still was a day behind in the program.  Sunday is normally my rest day but I decided to set it aside and treat my days off this week as my rest period.

This meant that today was another double duty day.  Argh.  Instead of doing the p90x yoga at home, I went to the gym and did the yoga class there, which I am not sure was the right decision.  It  proved to be very difficult.  I am not sure what was going on but I was heaving and gasping for air the whole time.  The balance tracks were crazy!  Then I had to come home and do my shoulders and arm routine.

To be honest, I was actually planning on doggin the workout (doing half the weight) but as I started, my ego got in the way and I couldn't cheat myself.  I finished the 60 minutes and even bested my reps in some places.  Of course I am totally exhausted now but it was all worth it!  Will be a deep sleep tonight...

As us P90ers say:  Just press PLAY!!

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