Saturday, October 27, 2012


It has been a few days since I got a chance to update.  I was sent to Toronto yet again to give training and was not able to work out.  I did however stick to the eating program very well.  Salads and chicken and only one cheat.  Fries.  But still no sugar and it is kind of a decent cheat.  Right?  ;)

As for the workouts, they are going really well.  I am still sore after each program which I always take as a good sign. I am upping my weights when needed and keeping  track of each and every set.  Things are good.  I have to double up today to make up for my Toronto trip.  It should be a fun day.  Kenpo boxing followed by 90 mins of Yoga.  Not sure this is going to work.  I might substitute Yoga for their 45 minute stretch program.  It is nice to be back on track.

My flight yesterday from Toronto was horrible.  Severe turbulence.  I mean severe.  Barf bag was full and there were women crying and screaming for the 5 minutes of hell.  A few injuries for those who were not wearing seatbelts and ended up hitting the ceiling.  Along with their wine.  The beverage cart fell and there were many broken glasses and wine bottles broken at the back of the plane.  Where I was.  After the 5 minutes, I was soaked.  Completely white in shock and soaking wet.  I felt horrible after being sick which ended up lasting for about 4 hours afterwards.  The stewardess asked me to stay behind so she could assess my condition but I was in no mood to stay on that plane a second later than necessary.  Even when off the plane I could not settle.  Once home I called telehealth and they gave me some good advice to settle.  They said I might be in shock.  Fun.  So another tranquilizer for me and it was off to bed a few hours later.  

So no more planes for me thanks.  I think the train will be my new best friend.

The above pic, just after the turbulence, and after that poor man hit his head on the ceiling, is shot of where everyones drinks ended up. You can see on the right top where the red wines of passengers stained the ceilings.  The cabin was trashed.  I can't even explain the havoc that 3 minutes caused.


RANTWICK said...

Wow, that flight sounded way crazy... never been through such a thing myself. Glad you're OK.

lifein360 said...

Rant, you have no idea. It wasn't the shakey shakey turbulence we are all used to, it was the sudden drop of 20 feet, several times. It was almost as if we were hit by something. I'm adding the pic I took right after the man hit his head.