Wednesday, November 21, 2012

In the thick...

Sorry I have been quiet on the P90 front.  I am still going strong but this phase is a bit harder than the last.  Although it seems like the same exercises, the reps and back to back sets are killer.  They only give you about 15 seconds rest and there is no pressing pause if you want the full affect.  Thus, you are soooo sore and exhausted it is hard to go on.

I am getting a bit better on the Ab Ripper DVD as well.  It is only 15 minutes long but there are over 350 reps to do.  What I have noticed is that my abs are getting stronger but what keeps me from finishing all the exercises is my hips, groin and lower back.  Sure I am getting better but man, it is crazy how injuries just stay with you for the rest of your life.  I am afraid how they are going to affect me when I am in my senior years.  Much worse than if I was not trying to stay in shape but can you imagine?

Still can't finish the entire Yoga X program.  The first 30 minutes are a million down dogs and sun salutations.  Sure a couple are okay but there are about 50 or more.  It is crazy.  Plus you have to do push ups every time.  Killer.  But I am still doing it.

On a positive note, I am down another belt notch.  And believe it or not, it drives me batty.  I still can't see any difference around my midsection regardless of what my belt says.  Grrrr.  The smallest change would motivate me so much it isn't funny.  I figure I am being denied it to see if I can stay on track without the validation.  Nothing is going to make me stop I tell ya.  I am just a few days short of half way.  Yee haa.

My personal/work life is challenging right now but those things are not important sometimes.  Especially when you have goals in mind and a drive to meet them.

Deep breath.  Keep pressing play.

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