Sunday, November 4, 2012

Phase 1 Complete

I officially completed the first phase of my P90x challenge.  Here are some interesting tid bits that I noticed over this 4 week period.

  1. In the first week, I could barely complete some of the classes with a 10 or 15 pound weight.  By week 4, I can complete almost all the classes with 25 pounds.  I am not getting bigger per say, but my muscle endurance is increasing by leaps and bounds.
  2. I can totally see how eating crap, even a bit, can totally ruin a workout.  There is just no fuel in bad food.  Nothing your muscles can use.  And trust me, you need good fuel.
  3. I still can't make it through the entire 95 minutes of yoga but that is ok.  I add 2 more yoga days in my week to compensate.  As they say on the DVD, "do your best and forget the rest".
  4. I am down 2 belt notches which is great but I can't "see" the difference.  That is kind of frustrating.  However, it seems to be a common factor with past and present challengers.  Most say that you will notice a visual change in week 7-9.  No problem.  As long as I continue to "feel" better, the visuals don't matter so much.
  5. I will miss my bulking program that I normally do in the winter.  On P90 it is more about the cut than the mass.  I am okay with that.  I have never really completed a cutting program.  So time will tell.
  6. I think the most important thing I have learned so far is that success on any program begins in the kitchen.  Of course personal trainers learn this during their Canfitpro certification but it is rare we put it into practice ourselves.  We save it for our clients.  This time around, I am turning it around on myself.  I have been very successful with reducing my sugars to less than 25grams a day.  For me, most of that  is used in my coffee and or a tiny bit of peanut butter.  Needless to say, although it is hard, I am very happy with my dedication on this front.  Especially since I am a self described sugar addict.  On top of that, reducing my carbs and stocking up on my veggies and proteins has also paid off.  Sure my energy during workouts is sketchy, the overall effect is worth it.  The key to my food success is what I have been telling my clients for 10 years.  Keep a food journal.  It is the only way you can't cheat yourself.  When you see those numbers, there is just no way you can fool anyone.  Yourself most of all.
  7. And the last accountability.  It is hard doing this by myself but thankfully I have the support of fellow X'ers who are a wealth of knowledge.  It is so easy to say "not today" but when someone is expecting your update on a daily basis, pressing play doesn't seem so difficult.  After all, even if your having a bad day, just by pressing play, it is bound to be better.  
So here comes the recovery week.  Lots of cardio and yoga.  Plus a crazy amount of core work.  Something I need more of considering all my injuries.  Which sadly are still there.  But I'm not going to focus on that for now.  Staying positive.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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