Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Recovery week my ass!

Week 4 of the P90x challenge is supposed to be about recovery and rest.  It is supposedly meant as a small break from the onslaught of weight exercises you suffered through in weeks 1-3.

Well let me make this quite clear.  There is no rest or recovery in week 4.  Sure you might not be lifting any weights, but doing 90 minutes of Yoga is no easy task.  30 minutes of downdogs and planks followed by 60 minutes of abs, twists, turns...and all other sorts of torture will keep you sweating and sore for days.  Don't kid yourself.  It kinds of makes you yearn for the weights again.  At least I yearn for them.  ;)

There are still a few of the poses that I can't do.  No matter how I try, my body just does not bend into the plow position or the crow.  Check out these pics of the moves.  Any person with "weight" on them is not going to be able to do these.  That is my only somewhat negative comment thus far on the program.  I have a hard time believing that any male over 210 pounds would be able to complete some of these routines.  BUT that does not keep me from pressing play every single night.

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