Sunday, November 11, 2012

"Rest" is over...back to the pain.

Week 4 is over.  Thankfully.  I am a bit bored of the stretching and yoga at this point.  Not that I don't need it...of course I do, but a week of it is a bit boring if you ask me.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of Phase II.  More weights but a totally different set of exercises.  Can't wait.  Even though I am sore all the time, I enjoy the weight portion.  Working out is easy for me.

The main challenge with me is still the food.  I have been very good with cutting the sugars and junk food for the most part but there are still days where I double my allowed intake of calories.  Like yesterday.  I buckled while on the road doing errands and gobbled down a cheeseburger and small fry.  I justified it in my head because it was after 12, I hadn't eaten all morning and I had already had a speedskating practice where I know I burned about 800 calories.  STILL, I know it was wrong and a lapse in judgement.  I have to get a handle on those.  I know it isn't the end of the world but when they add up over time it DOES have an impact.  Not to mention an emotional one.  It just adds the guilt and self deprecating thoughts which I do not need at this point.  Must stay positive and believe this can be done.

On that note, several people have said they notice a change.  I still can't see it but that it great news and certainly adds to the motivation.  Positive feedback has such great effects.

Other than that, life remains grand.  My poor friend Kimmy is on her back for the next little while after knee surgery and I can't even imagine how she is coping.  That would drive me insane.  But I know she will come back stronger and more determined than ever.  It is good for me because now that she will be recovering, I'll be able to keep up with her.  ;)

Keep pressing play.

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