Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Life and Stress

It has been a week and a bit full of stress, bad luck and overall suck.  I am tired of having this hole in my ceiling with no apparent movement on the repair.  I totally wasted over 50$ worth of art supplies on a painting that simply did not work.  On top of that, I failed my french grammar exam which halts the promotion I was being offered at work.  Now I have to wait 30 days to be retested which just adds more stress to life.  And there are two cherries to be placed on top of this pie of crap.

First, because of all the above, I inexcusably went back to comfort.  In other words, I pigged out all weekend.  Rolling in crap food.  Pancakes (twice), bacon, sausages, peanut buttery treats, you name it.  I felt so sick afterwards but man, did it feel good to let go.  I am back on track but I know I have set myself back.  That leads to cherry number 2.

Because of my food escapades, my numbers are down in my P90 challenge.  No, I am not referring to my weight.  I only wish.  My numbers refer to my actual lift pounds and reps.  With the shit food running through my veins, my energy is down, I feel exhausted and the stress of live is rolling in deep.  Big exhale.  So as a result, my repeat week has not gotten off to a great start.  

Okay, wallow over.  Life continues, and I have a trip to Mexico to plan.  Time for a tan and some sand between my toes.  


rabidrunner said...

Sometimes shit food is sanity. Those are my two cents anyways...and French grammar? The French have grammar...? You mean, they just don't say stuff that sounds pretty...?

lifein360 said...

Hey Rabid, where have you been hiding!! Hope all is okay. Trust me, I speak french just fine and it isn't always pretty. Now writing it...well that is another story. lol