Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Last week and this week have proven to be a challenge.  I think that this is a critical time in my 90 day journey and I am trying my best to push through.

At this point, it is getting tough.  I am tired and hungry and my cravings for the "old" food I used to eat are nagging at me non stop.  I would kill for a chocolate bar and some greasy onion rings.  But I know that one day of crap can ruin a full week of effort.  So I am doing my best to just remind myself why I am doing this.  I can't afford to start making deals with myself in order to eat crap food.  What a sorted history I have with doing that.

The workouts are also getting a bit repetitive.  I am doing my best to ensure I mix things up and combine big weights one day with lots of reps the next and that is helping.  I find this is a great way to really push your muscles to that other level.  Thankfully I excel in the weights and it keeps it all real.

All in all I am still pushing through but it is getting harder and harder to push play.  But don't worry, I am doing it.  Nothing is going to get in my way but week 6-7 is not as motivating as week 1-4.

Staying on track on my food and continuing to trim down a bit will continue to be the driving motivation for me.

Pushing through...


Anonymous said...

I have problems with salty stuff ... potato chips, french fries etc so I don't keep them in the house and only eat out a couple times a month. This helps me keep things a little bit under control. Kudos to you for doing so well with the food thing. After this program is completed do you repeat or do another. ~christine~

lifein360 said...

I will see if I can get my hands on the P90 2 program. If not I will do it again after a months break. Next time, I will focus even more on the eating. The workouts have proven to me that they work. Now if I can only get a handle on my eating. But then again, I have been fighting that for 42 years!!