Wednesday, January 2, 2013

On 2012

Although 2012 had some minor hiccups, for the most part, it was a pretty awesome year. 

Things are going well on the family front as my bro continues to astound us all in his successful battle against the bottle.  We are all very proud of him. 

I survived the cuts at work and am happy to still be working in a job that I enjoy coming to on a daily basis.

I had some relevations this year that resulted in some good moments and some not so good moments.  I hope to capitalize on the good ones from now on and try not to generalize and dwell on the others.

Albeit late in the year, I began my P90X challenge and as of today am down 3 inches on my waist.  That is 4 belt loops people!!  So awesome.  And I have another 4 weeks to go so who knows what can happen.

I had the awesome opportunity to visit places that have been on my bucket list for so long.  And I was lucky enough to do with my best friend.  Greece, Italy, Croatia.  Who knew I would love Croatia so much?  It was stunning.

And most memorable of all for me this year, was being able to meet so many new friends.  And re-connect with old ones.  Whether they were online friends, friends of friends or straight up new ones, all of them, past and present, help me travel this path everyday and for that I am grateful.  I have great admiration and respect for all of you and wish you only the very best in 2013.

And one more bestest friend, my sista from another momma finally had her life long dream come true.  She is a happy new mom of a beautiful baby boy.  Knowing she realized her dream (she has had since high school) has put the true cherry on top of this year. 

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