Sunday, January 20, 2013

On Lance...

Not sure if any of you have watched the full 2 hour interview with Lance Armstrong this past week but if you can find it, it is worth the watch.

What can I say?  I get it.  I totally understand the unreasonable elements of control, ego, drive...etc. that Lance demonstrated over the past 15 years.  I can relate to wanting to defend yourself even when you yourself know you are wrong.  I respect the fact that even now, with all the lies and recent truths, that Lance makes somewhat  no apology for the kind of person he is.  He recognizes the character flaw but doesn't pretend that by acknowledging it, and saying "sorry", it will suddenly be gone.  Or that he isn't still influenced by those same flaws everyday.  For that, I give him a lot of credit.  Are his flaws major?  Yes.  Will he ever come to terms and overcome them?  I doubt it.  It seems to be who he is.  However, I hope that in his lifetime to come, he is able to earn some self respect and become a better person.

I don't think that any level of apologies will undo the damage he has caused to the people that he went after with no limits.  Even with the revelations, it is hard to come back from that.  Admitting that you "have a problem" just doesn't cut it.  It is my hope, that in time, these people can move on and find some kind of peace that finally the truth has come out.  But I realize that sometimes the truth makes no difference.  It doesn't heal wounds.

Above all, I hope that for the rest of his life, Lance does everything in his power to make amends.  It may never be enough but based on who he is and what his characteristics are, he should be using those powers for good.  I am still convinced that there is a phoenix that can rise out of this and be the hero that we all thought he was in the first place.

I know that I hope for a lot but I truly believe that everyone can do better once they know better.  Does Lance now know better?  Time will tell.

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