Sunday, January 6, 2013

Best tunes of 2012, the non remixes.

And as promised, here are my non remixed tunes for 2012. Some might have come out in 2011 but I only discovered them this year so that is why they make the list.  And as you will see, they range from adult contemporary to classical to pop.  Enjoy

In no particular order:

1.  Pink:  Try
2.  One Direction:  Little Things  ( I know.don't judge me.  It is a sickingly sweet song)
3.  Dragonette:  Live in this city
4.  Bruno Mars:  Locked out of heaven
5.  Nelly Furtado:  Parking Lot
6.  Olly Murs:  My heart skips a beat
7.  Emeli Sandi:  Next to me (accoustic version)
8.  Olly Murs:  Heart on my sleeve
9.  Emeli Sandi: My kind of love
10.  Josh Groban ft. Nelly Furtado:  Silencio
11.  Christina Perri:  A thousand years
12.  Jason Aldean ft. Kelly Clarkson:  Don't you wanna stay
13.  Lady Antebellum:  Just a kiss
14.  Train:  50 Ways to say goodbye
15.  Emeli Sandi:  Read all about it (part 3)
16.  Ed Sheeran:  A Team


Anonymous said...

I'd never heard of Emeli Sandi ... love, love, love her voice. Thanks for posting thislist. ~christine~

lifein360 said...

I hadn't either C, but I happened along one of her tunes on a BBC show I watched and instantly googled her. She is a very very well known song writer who has now begun to sing. She is great.