Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bad Habits

This was supposed to be the end of week 1 of my next P90 challenge but with playing tennis so much, I haven't been able to get my required workouts in.  So I can't really call it week one.  I am thinking that this round two might be a bit eager.  With tennis gearing up and the bike season just around the corner, I am not sure I am going to be able to set aside the time needed to finish a full round.  Time will tell.

Anyway, that is not why I'm here.  Today's theme is about gluttony.  lol  Since I was playing tennis so much this week often for 3 hours a night, I was stuck to a fast food diet.  Pizza slices, McD and Thai Buffet were staples this week.  Sad to admit it I know; especially after all the hard work I put in last round.  For some reason I justify it in my head that with all the tennis, things equal out in the wash.  Foolish I know.

Anyway, I am here to testify that I will be snapping back into reality today.  Good food is defrosting on the counter for this week and the protein shakes are ready to go.  No more thai buffet damnit!!  (although I ate pretty well when there...lots of veggies)

Spandex season is upon me so I need to get this shit together fast.  No one like a fatty in lycra.  Eeek.

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