Sunday, March 3, 2013

Round 2 and other things.

So back into round 2 of P90X.  This time with a stronger focus on diet.  AND I have decided to go the 5-8 route in my reps.  Although I like the "cut" results from the last time, I miss stretching out my tshirts with my big pipes.  ;)

So I am pumping out 40s on most of my arm exercises but need much heavier weights for my shoulders.  Since I am not buying any more weights however, 40s will have to do.  Just keep the reps high for this round.

And finally, I am not allowing myself any pushups on my knees.  I am just one of those guys who can bench 300 lbs but can't do 5 pushups.  This is very common it seems.  Who knew?  Seems like bulkier guys, stocky men, have a much harder time than skinnier or more trim men.  Go figure.  So for this round, I am doing the real deal push ups.  Sure I can only do 10-15 at this point but you have to start somewhere right?

P.S.  I might buy myself (or steal from work) a step.  That way I can really get some deeper extention on my lying down tri-cep work and I can incorporate some flys for chest.

In non workout life, tennis is going awesome.  Found a new hitting partner who really tests my limits.  He is much younger and not as fit as me but man, can he hit the shit out of the ball.  I am impressed.  If he continues to develop like this, he will be a strong contender for the club champion.  I haven't held that title for a while but I am still the king of the winter league.  lol

Winter is almost over here which is awesome.  Can't wait to get back on the bike and see my friends again.  Snow keeps us apart.  Not to mention they all have wives, husbands, partners, kids, dogs...etc. that eats up their time and I am pathetic and single.  lol

I have been tasked to design a new jersey for the inline team and already have a few ideas.  I don't have the software I used to since my system crashed last year so it looks like good ol fashion paper will be the technology on this one.  Stay tuned, I will share the final design here.

Thats it for now folks.  Keep pressing play...just do it on mute.  ;)


Anonymous said...

Can barely wait until winter is over. I'm really looking forward to cycling as well. Also looking forward to seeing your results from this round of P90X. ~christine~
PS Love your blogs Cor!!

Anonymous said...

Beauty! Keep up the hard work Cor.