Saturday, April 27, 2013

And so it begins....

Looks like spring is here.  No denying it any longer.  Tomorrow will probably be my first adventure out on the bike.  That means opening the infamous spandex drawer.  Ack.  Hate that drawer.  lol  It must be done and I am sure that in the days/weeks that follow I will adapt to the nightmare.  ;)

On a more positive note, it looks like I will retain my #1 status after 20 weeks of league play.  No losses in any of my matches.  Close calls sometimes but never close enough.  And even better, a pro at the club who has always made a point of negatively commenting on my game (although not having seen my play in ages) came up to me and let me know that he watched me play the other day.  He went on to admit, begrudgingly, that I was hitting great.  Although I usually let my play speak for itself, it was nice to hear that from him.  So I give him credit for eating a bit of crow.  Opinions from better players do mean something to me.  Respect is hard to come by on the tennis courts, even if you win.  So I'll take it where I can get it.

Next week is going to be hell.  I have finally booked 3 medical appts to figure out this deviated septum situation, my allergies and my vertigo.  Doctors are now thinking my vertigo is not vertigo but instead linked to diabetes or panic/anxiety attacks.  Strange thing is, I almost never feel panicked or anxious or out of control.  Anyway, I am looking forward to hearing what they think and ruling out some of the more serious ideas. thanks.  Not looking forward to the vials of blood I have to give them either.  Ack.  And not feeling like I have a cold everyday is something I am also looking forward to.  Although my Prednisone cycle is done (which worked awesome) I need something a bit less harsh on the side effects.  Needle day is Thursday.  Those tests will make me sick for days.  Not looking forward to that fun time.  ;)  Anyway, I hope to get things under control sooner than later.  Want to enjoy this summer with limited health issues.  Still 100% grateful for the health I have however.  I am fully aware of friends and family that are fighting far worse things than I.

Mexico is a few weeks away.  Can't wait.  Will be nice to hit the beach again and get some color.  Perfect way to start the summer here upon my return.  Bringing my skates this time so that I can benefit from some track skating in the heat.  Won't be pretty but still.  Can't hurt.  Stay tuned for pics.

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