Sunday, April 21, 2013

It's moi

Bullet point fun..

-  Clocked a 65 year old lady in the neck with a blistering tennis return the other day.  Felt horrible...but I won.  ;)
-  Played over 20 hours of tennis this week.  Love the calorie burn but I am beat.  No break in the future either.  Glad I love this sport.
-  Down another belt loop.  Yay.  2 to go before I am satisfied.  Legs and arse are disappearing :(  ...why can't that happen to the love handles.  Damn genetics.
-  Work is about to get crazy busy.  But mentally ready for it.  Spring is here and that helps.
-  Loving life right now.  Surrounded by great people and good vibes.
-  Glad to be helping those in need.  God knows there are enough of them out there.  Doing my small part.
-  Mexico is coming up again.  Can't wait.  Plans changed on who is coming but that is ok.  Shit happens.  Will still be a great time with my best bud Chris.
-  Can't wait to get back to the USA at some point.  Left my heart there.  ;)
-  Spandex season is about to begin.  Last ditch effort to become anorexic.  :)  lol  *kidding*
-  Kinda looking forward to getting the skates back on.  Kinda.  I know it will be just like starting all over again.  Not looking forward to the realization that I suck.  But that's ok.  Can't be good at everything.  (can't believe I just said that).
-  Feel like reaching out to long lost friends.  Spring project.

Enjoy the spring people.

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Anonymous said...

I hear you on the genetics issue. Genetics suck!!! ~christine~