Saturday, June 8, 2013

Set Backs Suck

I was doing so well...until I got back from Mexico.  Grrr

I was so good during my vacation and hit the gym almost everyday.  Was getting back into the swing of things and it felt so good.  Then I came home.  Day one of being back to Ottawa and Montezuma came to my front door.  Yup, a lovely Mexico reminder that stayed with me for about 5 days.  THEN, to top it all off, it transformed into the flu which has taken over my body for the past 5 days.  OMG.  I have only hit the gym once in the past 5 days and I feel like a lazy ass.

The ONLY good thing about the "touch of mexico" and the Flu afterwards is that I am down at least 5 pounds.  At least.  On top of my recent success, this is kind of an ironic cherry on top.  Silver lining of sorts. However on the down side, the gains I have made are also gone.  Looks like I have to begin again once I get back to the gym.  And that won't be for another few days.  Still too weak to considering heading to the gym.

Oh well, such is life.  I really can't complain as I've never been happier.

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