Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I know it has been a while but trust me, it has been a great ride since the last time we spoke.  ;)

Life is good.  Back at the gym full time in addition to cycling, tennis and skating.  Life has gotten in the way of some of the skating practices but my intentions are always there.  But with my never ending back and groin injuries, the excitement to skate just isn't there.  I wish it were because I do miss the speed, the sound and the people. 

On a new supplement program which I am hoping will help get me balanced.  Vitamins, and oils are now part of my daily routine.  So far no massive change but I am sure I am benefiting from it all even if the effects aren't tangible.  I am looking forward to see how it supplements my workouts. 

On the fitness side of things, I did gain about 4 pounds back from when I had the flu.  I was so happy to drop the sick weight but was sad when I saw it coming back once I got healthy.  You just can't keep it off when your body is ready to eat again.  Damnit.  ;)  Either way, I am still on schedule.  I would say that if I keep focusing on this, I should be able to reach my goal by the end of July.  Yay.  Positive influences are all over the place so it is easy for me to stay motivated.  However, chips, chocolate and yummy stuff are also all over the place so that is always a challenge.  As long as I can stay away from breads and bad carbs, I should be just fine. 

Pics to come. 

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Anonymous said...

Glad to read that things are going well in your life. Looking forward to the pics. ~christine~