Thursday, August 1, 2013

Another summer over....

Yup, I said it.  Summer has left us in the capital.  The cooler weather has returned and the heat wave of July has officially faded away.  No more days of 112 degrees.  Nope, back to a balmy 70.  Great....I love my summers to feel like room temperature.  pfft.

Here's hoping for a reprise in August.  Crossing fingers. 

So that is about the only complaint you are going to get from me these days.  All else is going well.  Work is still paying my bills, tennis has never been better, the gym (although infrequent) is right where I left it.  Health is come and go but no worse than your average joe.  Nothing that my pills, injections...etc. aren't taken care of.  I have those close to me that are suffering from worse so I am keeping my mouth shut.  (I know...a rare state).

Painting season will be upon me shortly and I really have to get my creative side moving.  I have been trying to get one of my pieces properly photographed and mounted but I am having little to no luck in that department.  I can probably do the photography myself but the mounting of the pics onto print material in the size I want is proving to be a challenge.  Who knew it would be this complicated?  Anyway, I will keep trying. 

And best of all, travel time is here again.  Just finished a quick and dirty shopping trip to the states last week but it did not result in a huge haul.  Not like normal.  I did get several cases of tennis balls so that is worth the 3 hour drive right there.  Next stop in 3 weeks...Kentucky.  Can...not...wait.  Then trying to finalize some Mexico details.  It is not 100% for this fall but I am crossing my fingers that things work out in my favor.  I miss my home away from home already.  Ok, I miss the heat and beach.  Oh and the gym there.  They have a great gym!  So is good.  ;)

Skating.... *sigh*.  Not sure how to touch on this.  It has been a while.  I try to make it to social skates here and there but tennis comes first and for the past while, I have always had matches on Thursdays.  This weekend I will be able to go to the Sunday skate on the parkway if it doesn't rain.  That should be fun...although I am not sure my groin will feel the same by the end of the skate.  And yes, after years of physio and all that, the issue has never fully gone away.  Tear, strain, whatever.  It is there all the time and skating makes it worse.  But I will keep going until I can't anymore.  But I do miss it.  I miss seeing the gang as much as I used to.  And no one seems to cycle anymore but me.  What happened to the weekend outings?  I guess people move on and change priorities.  Can't blame them for that.  Ok, well maybe a little bit.  ;) 

So that is about it folks.  Life is good.  Can't really ask for more than that.   

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