Sunday, September 8, 2013

Here we are again.

Another summer has come and gone.  Sadly I am waking up in the dark and equally the sun is setting at about 7:15 in the eve.  :(  Time flies but what a summer!  I am grateful for the time I did get in the sun.

On the highlight reel:

Out of probably 200+ tennis matches, I lost one match.  Other than that full match, I lost 4 total sets since last winter.  I think that is my best season ever.  Had I not been dealing with some physical issues, I am wondering what I could have accomplished on the tournament circuit.

Didn't get on my bike half as much as I would have liked but all in all I pulled in 981kms since April.  That isn't too bad now that I think about it.  I was able to bike the gatineaus only twice this year.  No harm in that since I hate that run.  But still, tennis took over the summer and the rest of the time was spent in the gym, physio or in bed.  But that is the way it should be.  You can't subdue your passion and I am lucky to still be able to play as much as I am.

So many good things happened to those people I care about.  Babies all over the place, babies to come as well.  Yay.  New homes, new boyfriends, new girlfriends, new cars, new bodies, new outlooks on life and most importantly new cancer free bodies.  How can I not celebrate those things.  If it wasn`t for most of you, my life wouldn`t be as rich as it is.  And I am sure that there was tons more news that I wasn't privy to.

I have decided to torture myself with another round of P90X.  I start today.  I had such good results last year that I figure that with my new meds and diet, my results can only be better.  Stay tuned for a whole new round of whining.  ;)  I will try to keep it to a minimum.  I am also going to try to do it at the gym.  So this time I hope it will be a bit more exciting than doing it at home.

I miss skating.  But the pain is too great to lace those suckers up right now.  I fear that my skating days are over permanently but I will hold off on that decision until I can complete my physio and try to rehabilitate those parts of my bod.  But this last bout of pain issues is directly related to those movements so I am unsure I will be able to skate at a speed that is considered respectable.  If I can`t skate 25kph at least....well whats the point.

On that note, I need to find a new physio person.  I received a quote last week for 9 months worth of treatment and it was about 7000$+.  As if.  You have to buy a package.  Rehab for them is a 1-2 time a week routine, not something you can do once in a while.  As I can't justify dropping that cash in one hit, I will have to find another solution.  Any ideas?  Anyone know someone at a reasonable price?

So with all of that, I am preparing for the first snow fall.  It isn't far off, trust me.  So the tshirts are getting stored and the sweaters are coming back out.  Sigh. And before ANY of you ask, no I am not going to give winter a try this year and do outside stuff.  It ain't gonna happen.  While you all bitched about the 40+ heat and humidity, I was on the tennis courts busting my ass.  So now it is your turn to throw mud my way for complaining about the cold while your out there skating, skiing and hiking.  ;)  Enjoy it.  Brrr

Over all it has been the best summer in years.  Apart from the tennis, the cycling, the gym, the weight loss, and the great dinners with friends, my trips to the USA were the caramel and nuts on the perfect piece of cheesecake.  Being able to share in life's happiness...well there is just no better feeling out there.  As the sun sets on another summer, the journey continues.

P.S.  Serena Williams just won the US Open so I am over the moon.

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Anonymous said...

Great recap of your summer Cor. Sounds like you had an absolutely fantastic time. I'm happy for you. I am in TOTAL AGREEMENT with you on the outdoor winter activity stuff. Cannot stand the cold. I'll stay inside with you where it's nice and toasty. ~christine~