Sunday, September 29, 2013


Week 3 of P90X is over and I am in the next phase of the program.  OMG I am sore.  As I mentioned earlier, this round is being done in the gym and I can tell you, it is MUCH more enjoyable than sitting at home watching it on your tv.  The only thing is that you have to be as dedicated about your time as when Tony is leading the group.  Ensuring you take no breaks until your 4 sets are over is the key to keep the program alive and kicking.  The great thing about the gym is the options you have at your disposal.  It is great to have so many choices of weights and machines to hit your muscles when you want to switch things up.  Anyway, things are going well on that front so stay tuned for updates.

Food is still going well.  Had a good few cheat days here and there but that is just normal for anyone.  It isn't like I woofed down a bag of doritos or anything.  Just some yummy general tso's chicken and some noodles.  :)  Mmmmm.  It was sooooo good.  But my 2 hours of tennis surely made up for those calories right?

On that note, I have rejoined the club for the winter session.  I look forward to defending my #1 status of the winter league.  Sure I don't get anything for it other than bragging rights but still....that is something isn't it?  lol  I have to take joy in the small things in life.  ;)  Not sure when the league starts officially but I'll be there with bloodshed on my mind.

Other than that, life is great.  Looking forward to travelling again soon.  Trying to see if Mexico is in the cards before Xmas but if not, I will for sure be booking some time in April or May of 2014. And of course I'll be heading back to the states as soon as I can.

Keep pressing the play button of life.

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