Monday, November 4, 2013

Back to Canada

After almost a week in the US of A, I am back to the nations capital and back to the daily grind that is my life.  No complaints is a pretty easy grind after all.

The trip was great.  Rested more than I should have and maybe ate a piece of cheesecake (or two) when I could have passed but all in all I stayed on track.  I even managed to to hit the gym for 4 of the 5 days I was there.  Mind you, I couldn't hit my program as well I as I do here because the gym isn't....well...up to the standards of the gyms here.  lol  Let's just say that this particular gym has mastered the creation of equipment using rod iron and a soldering gun.  The weights were hard to match to the weights I was used to doing here.  Let me assure you though, whatever they are doing, it works.  The boys AND girls at this gym are twice the size of me.  I have a feeling that David and I were the only natural lifters there at times.  But you know, kudos to everyone who gets out and makes it to the gym in the first place.  You think losing weight is hard, try putting on 15 pounds of muscle, then we'll talk.

I tracked down a pic of the Fitness Factory Louisville for your viewing pleasure.  I have no idea who is in this pic but this is the kind of crowd that motivated me everyday.  Other than D of course.  Seriously though, the people at this gym are hard core.  There must be supplements in the water fountain.  ;)  ahem.

Other than that, I hit a few stores, did some light shopping and had dinners with friends.  It was a perfect get away.  Sure it wasn't 90 degrees but you can't have it all right?  Now I'm back to regular scheduled programming.  Gym today, tennis tomorrow and full time diet is back on track.  Sounds like fun right?  Ya I know.

Not much more to report at this point.  Need to get my feet wet now that I am back.  Stay tuned.

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