Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The latest

Finished up a new piece this week.  I like this one.  So much so that I have already framed it and it is hanging on my wall at home.  Of course it is still available for sale as are all of my pieces but until that time, there it will stay.

Still have 2 projects on the go for now and that should keep my busy for about a week or so.  Have some new ideas so I am sure my Xmas break will remain pretty creative.

Apart from that, I am back at the gym.  I gave myself a few weeks of light work to allow for my golfer's elbow to heal a bit.  It isn't 100% but I can still get some heavier lifts in now.  Still now pull ups but I can hopefully work around that.  For now.  ;)  Something has to give eventually. 

Hope everyone is enjoying winter and the shopping season.  Argh.

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