Friday, January 17, 2014

Life is Life

So much going on but isn't that what its all about?

Gym and tennis life is awesome.  I have put on noticeable size which is great.  Finally have arms!!  No more twigs.  ;)  Although with the diet of bulking comes a pant size.  So I will be switching things up in Mexico and starting my cutting phase of the program a week early.  By April, I should be wrapping up my weight season and be in top notch shape for the competitive summer.  Not that I need to be these days.  With the extra muscle, I have been powering past tennis partners left and right.  Serve is faster, ground strokes are more punishing and opponents who used to give me problems are now buckling easier than ever.  Still have some adjustments to make but overall I couldn't be happier with this side of life.

Dad will be getting out of the hospital this weekend after a successful tumor removal from his neck.  Damn cancer.  It will get us all eventually.  I guess I have that to look forward to as the years pass.  Having my own skin issues in my 30s, I am sure I haven't seen the last of the big C word.  Anyway, he is doing quite well and the side effects are minimal.  He should be back to 100% in a few days.  So that is good news. 

Mexico is coming up and I can't wait.  The beach, fruit smoothies and the sun have been on my priority list for a few months now.  I am done with this winter nonsense.  ;)  I don’t care for it at all.  Will be nice to sleep in, walk along the beach and have yummy food for a while.  If only I didn't have to fly to get there.  But it is a small discomfort for the benefits it reaps. 

Art life is also going well.  I have been enjoying the new process and results.  Doing my first print is also exciting.  Although I am not sure it is going to be lucrative.  Because of the cost of getting a print made (about 65), I am unsure as to whether buyers are willing to pay more than that for a glossy poster.  For an original, people are more than happy to pay since my prices are so low but for a print I am not sure how they are going to react.  I hope I am pleasantly surprised.  Crossing fingers because the originals are too heavy for out of town buyers.  The shipping costs are far too high and the concrete is far too fragile when being moved around.  Either way I am happy that I get to be creative.  I should just be grateful for that…which I am.

Here is a view of my latest piece:

I need to travel.  I know I am about to embark on my yearly vaca to Mexico but I am already itching to head somewhere else.  I am undecided on whether to go to Vancouver to visit my bro or not this spring…as in March.  Should be nice there by then right?  People at work are trying to convince me to go back to Cuba.  Although admittedly, Cuba has the best beaches I have ever seen, I haven't been back in over 15 years and there is a part of me that is wondering how it all changed.  Then again I feel the same about Puerto Vallarta.  It has been a lifetime since I have gone there as well.  Plans are going ok for my Spain-Italy trip this fall as well so that is getting me excited.  Barcelona, Rome, Pompei and maybe Milan to name a few visits.  Will cost me a small fortune but you can't take it with you right.  And life is far too short to live in a bubble.  Seeing the world….what better way to experience life.  I am lucky I have the means to do this. 

Other than that things are good.  Friends are having babies and others are enjoying their winter sports.  Pfft, they can have it.  ;)  I'll glady wait for the plus 40 heat thank you very much.  All in all the world is turning and I'm just trying to find my place in it. 

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