Monday, May 26, 2014

Hypnotism and Flying (a post by request)

So as many of you know, I have a terrible fear of flying.  Well actually it isn't really the flying that bothers me, it is the motion of the plane during times of turbulence and upon landing that freaks me out.  I didn't always have this issue as I used to travel all the time with tennis in my younger days.  But years ago on a flight to Phoenix and then again recently coming home from Toronto, the turbulence was so bad, that I had gone into shock after suffering from horrible panic attacks.  Let me tell you...if you have never had a panic attack, you don't want one.  All reason flies out the window and you are willing to do or say anything to escape the perceived source of your panic.  Only problem is, sometimes you can't identify it and other times you are literally not able to communicate.

Anyway, upon some self reflection this year, I decided to get hypnotised.  2 sessions for a grand total of about 300$.  It was a very interesting experience.  I learned alot about myself believe it or not.  But over all, I enjoyed the sessions.  But the real questions is "did they work"?

I am going to say yes and no.  Did they give me tools and hints/tricks to help me get through flying?  Yes.  Did they remove my bodies reaction to dropping 20 feet at a time when hitting an air pocket?  No.  I still feel like I want to barf and I still get tense and very nervous when the plane pitches or shakes at 30 thousand feet but with each flight, I am getting better.  I can relax a bit better and work through it mostly. I have a few coping skills that I think will help over time.

Although I don't need tranqs anymore, I will still be taking gravol.  If I can have the peace of mind that my tummy is not going to come up on me, that will keep me much calmer.  And that is the key.

And for clarification, hypnotism is not a trance like most people think.  Stop watching so much TV!  It is more like a zone.  And for those athletes out there reading this, you feel this zone all the time.  When you are in a race and the noise falls away and all you are focusing on is your space, your focus...that is a level of hypnotism.  When you are reading a good book and can't hear the noises around you, that too is a zone.  When I am on the tennis courts and I don't hear the crowd I just hear the ball and let my instincts take over...that is the zone.  There are many levels, it is just that most only experience the first few.  But being helped to reach the deeper levels is pretty cool.  I enjoyed my time there.  I would recommend it to anyone but I don't think you need 300$ to experience it.  Through exercises like yoga or some youtube videos, I am confident that you can reach these states.  However, if you want to use them for a specific fear or issue, then yes, go see a specialist.  They are trained in this where as I am not.

So a positive outcome overall.

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