Monday, June 23, 2014

Things that make you go hmmmm

It makes me scratch my head when people post on FB videos of pitbulls, bears, lions, dobermans...etc. that happen to be acting soft and gentle for a 45 second period.  Then post a sentence or two saying something to the effect that these animal's natural behavior is docile.  Ummm hello?

That is like saying "hey parents, let your kids talk to strangers and get in the cars of people willing to drive them home or to the candy store because MOST people are good natured".  "Not all child molesters, rapists and murderers are bad people, you just need to get to know them". 

I'm sorry but taking a 30 second video of a child molester playing innocently with a small child is not going to make me feel more sympathetic to their feelings.  Much like a pitbull with a baby.  You are taking a calculated risk.  I would hope that responsible parents wouldn't risk it. 

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