Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Summer 2014

Life is great.  It is as simple as that. 

Gym is awesome.  It is a constant journey to make myself the best I can be but I endeavour.  I have soooo many people in my life that motivate me in so many different ways.  It is awesome.  Like minded individuals can have such a fantastic impact on your life.  I see so many people struggling day to day and I am reminded how very lucky I am.  And I do my best not to forget it. 

Tennis is going very well this summer.  I have two new partners that are challenging me to be better everyday.  It is all good.  But make no mistake, I can feel the effects of old age creeping up on me.  I am not as fast, I don’t recover as well and I don’t hit as hard as I used to.  But you know what, I am all good with that.  I still have a super record for the year with only 3 losses and at the end of the day it is a first world problem.  Looking forward to the indoor season this winter as I excel on hardcourts.  Sure the clay is easier on my body but nothing says power like a hard court ball.  Just wish winter didn’t come with it.  We haven’t really had a summer so I am not looking forward to snow.  It seems we just got rid of it a few months ago. 

 There will be trips south this year for sure.  There is no way I am dealing with another winter like last year.  Sorry, just not in my blood.  I need heat and sun for at least 3 weeks.  So planning will be taking place in the new year.  It has to be done. 

 Painting season is also just around the corner.  Not sure what my style is going to be this year.  Will have to look into a few things.  I have a few pieces ready to go but need to get the studio up and running.  Still have a few months to do that.  Don’t forget to visit Cor1000.com for the site.  I am in the print business now so if you see something you like, prints are available. 


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