Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I know it has been forever...

Give me a break, its summer and I'm busy!

Life is great.  Summer is here, the heat has returned, tennis is awesome, the gym is peaking and I couldn't be happier. 

David came down for my Bday and we spent the week eating out (pigging out) all over the place.  Julie and Holly came over for chow, we went to Kelley and John's for dinner one night, not to mention the 2 visits to So Good for tofu (Sergio and Ursula) and other good stuff.  Baton Rouge with my family for birthday ribs and a meal or two with Chris and the next thing you know, it was time to go to the airport again.  :(  But I am not complaining.  I am lucky with what I have so I won't tempt fate at all.  We are already on shaky ground her and I. 

Gym life is great.  I am off creatine for a while and funny enough, I dropped 6 pounds of water weight in the first 2 weeks.  I never realized how much water you retain with that stuff.  It gives the illusion of size which sucks when you get off it.  All the gains you THINK you made are reduced to just a fraction of your perception.  But something is better than nothing.  With the help of Johnny (my workout partner), I am not hitting personal bests on almost every machine.  I am benching 255 and am on the way to 285 this week.  I think in the next month I will be able to pump out a clean 300 pound bench.  Yikes.  Other than that, the cutting is going well.  I miss sugar.  I still have toast but other than that bread is a no no.  Forget pastas altogether.  Limited rice as well.  My goal is to be in the 190s prior to traveling to the states on labor day. 

Tennis is also going great.  Found a new hitting buddy who is 20 years my junior.  God I feel old.  But he is decent and makes me run like the wind so that will help in the overall fitness.  But combining the gym and tennis at that level on the same day is proving to be very difficult.  My muscles just can't handle that all the time so I have to plan a bit better in the coming days/weeks.  Other than that I can still boast a fantastic win lose record.  By now I am about 100 - 6 for the year.  I am going to introduce some pro level players into the mix to really challenge me.  You can only get better when you get beaten.  So that will be a new mindset for me.  I don't think I will like it.  lol

Deeeeeep breath.  Life is great.  Send money.  lol

Monday, June 23, 2014

Things that make you go hmmmm

It makes me scratch my head when people post on FB videos of pitbulls, bears, lions, dobermans...etc. that happen to be acting soft and gentle for a 45 second period.  Then post a sentence or two saying something to the effect that these animal's natural behavior is docile.  Ummm hello?

That is like saying "hey parents, let your kids talk to strangers and get in the cars of people willing to drive them home or to the candy store because MOST people are good natured".  "Not all child molesters, rapists and murderers are bad people, you just need to get to know them". 

I'm sorry but taking a 30 second video of a child molester playing innocently with a small child is not going to make me feel more sympathetic to their feelings.  Much like a pitbull with a baby.  You are taking a calculated risk.  I would hope that responsible parents wouldn't risk it. 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Hypnotism and Flying (a post by request)

So as many of you know, I have a terrible fear of flying.  Well actually it isn't really the flying that bothers me, it is the motion of the plane during times of turbulence and upon landing that freaks me out.  I didn't always have this issue as I used to travel all the time with tennis in my younger days.  But years ago on a flight to Phoenix and then again recently coming home from Toronto, the turbulence was so bad, that I had gone into shock after suffering from horrible panic attacks.  Let me tell you...if you have never had a panic attack, you don't want one.  All reason flies out the window and you are willing to do or say anything to escape the perceived source of your panic.  Only problem is, sometimes you can't identify it and other times you are literally not able to communicate.

Anyway, upon some self reflection this year, I decided to get hypnotised.  2 sessions for a grand total of about 300$.  It was a very interesting experience.  I learned alot about myself believe it or not.  But over all, I enjoyed the sessions.  But the real questions is "did they work"?

I am going to say yes and no.  Did they give me tools and hints/tricks to help me get through flying?  Yes.  Did they remove my bodies reaction to dropping 20 feet at a time when hitting an air pocket?  No.  I still feel like I want to barf and I still get tense and very nervous when the plane pitches or shakes at 30 thousand feet but with each flight, I am getting better.  I can relax a bit better and work through it mostly. I have a few coping skills that I think will help over time.

Although I don't need tranqs anymore, I will still be taking gravol.  If I can have the peace of mind that my tummy is not going to come up on me, that will keep me much calmer.  And that is the key.

And for clarification, hypnotism is not a trance like most people think.  Stop watching so much TV!  It is more like a zone.  And for those athletes out there reading this, you feel this zone all the time.  When you are in a race and the noise falls away and all you are focusing on is your space, your focus...that is a level of hypnotism.  When you are reading a good book and can't hear the noises around you, that too is a zone.  When I am on the tennis courts and I don't hear the crowd I just hear the ball and let my instincts take over...that is the zone.  There are many levels, it is just that most only experience the first few.  But being helped to reach the deeper levels is pretty cool.  I enjoyed my time there.  I would recommend it to anyone but I don't think you need 300$ to experience it.  Through exercises like yoga or some youtube videos, I am confident that you can reach these states.  However, if you want to use them for a specific fear or issue, then yes, go see a specialist.  They are trained in this where as I am not.

So a positive outcome overall.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Help a brother out.

Where are my friends who are brutally honest?  *looking around*  Cause they ain't anywhere close by.  So this goes out to the posers....when you see someone who is getting soft around the middle, please don't refrain from saying something.  And vice versa.  When someone is looking great out there in the big world, make their day, compliment them on their hard work.  We all need a bit more reality...even if it comes with a bit of sting every once in a while.

P.S.  Never eating again.....

Friday, May 16, 2014


What can I say about Vegas that hasn't been said already about a million times.  OH I know, it isn't Vegas that makes Vegas so special and unforgettable.  It is the people who share it with you that makes it so unforgettable.

My version of Vegas was so memorable because of the crew I was rolling with.  Both versions.  The large extended 12 of us and the more intimate smaller Kentucky Krew (+ 1)  ;).  I feel so lucky to have been able to hang out with 3 of the coolest guys I know.  Whether it was walking the strip, laying judgement on all the white trash tragedies around us or shooting semi automatic weapons, I never felt more connected to a bunch of guys.  It was a week I won't soon forget.  In fact, it has joined my all time fav vacation list.  And not because of where I was, but because of who I was with and what they made it for me.

Cirque de Soleil "O" was so cool.  Had my heart in my throat a few times with all that high diving.  I don't know how they do it.  I highly recommend it.

Shooting guns at the Range 702 was the most fun of our activities.  4 guys, 4 guns.  Need I really say more.  As the rookie of the crew who had never shot a gun before, I totally impressed myself.  Especially with the handgun.  All head shots!!  It was an amazing time.  And the reaction of Mike after shooting a shotgun was priceless and will go down in Vegas history.  You just MUST go if youre ever there.  Put away the fear and do it.  You won't regret it.

I have learnt that I have no talent for gambling.  None.  Every machine I touched seemed to suck the money right out of me.  And quickly.  I had a bit more fun and luck at the blackjack table but someone convinced me to play a few more hands (when I was already up) and low and behold that was that.  Cleaned out while he walked away with a handful of chips.  Not mentioning any names.

DAVID on the other hand (see above lol) had the magic touch and probably came home with about 100$.  Now I doubt he broke even but he did come out on top where the rest of us only had bruises to show for our gambling experience.  Oh well, it was fun.  That was the most important thing.  Playing blackjack in old vegas with a 21 year old dealer in a bikini was one of the highlights.  She cleaned us out in 6 hands.  LOL  It was so funny...well not so much.

And no matter what anyone tells you, even with blackjack, the house will win.  I don't know how it works but the house will win 70% of the deals.  Just a cold reality.  I can't imagine what poker is like as you are playing against people at the table as well.  Screw that.

Other than that, the food was over the top expensive, everything was smokey and smelled like vanilla cigarettes and the people were beyond comment.  Seriously.  From thongs and flip flops to oscar style dresses.  There is something for everyone.

But my piece of advice...go with people you care about or really close friends.  They will make the trip so much better.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spring...is that really you?

I dare say it but I think the days of snow and sleet are finally over.  And it's about damn time.  What a long and drawn out winter.  I am grateful I was able to spend some if it in Mexico and in the USA.  It helped my overall sanity more than you can ever realize.  I might have to schedule an extra Mexico trip in the winter if we are planning to have another season like that in 2015. 

Tennis season is gearing up and I am in tip top shape.  10+ pounds of new muscle and a 1 loss record all winter season.  Can't ask for a better way to enter the spring.  Oh, well it would be nice to be injury free but I think those days are over.  ;)  There will always be something at the activity level I am a forcing my body to accommodate.  But I am surviving.

Super stoked to head to Vegas for the first time in about 2 weeks.  Will be an experience I won't soon forget I am sure.  Walking shoes have been on full alert for a while now.  ;)  I am sure I will have details to share soon enough.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Today is the day

After years of bad flying experiences, I finally went and had myself hypnotised a few weeks back.  Two sessions that were pretty interesting to say the least.  It is not what you think it is.  You're not "out", you are always aware but time and things move slower when you are in a relaxed state.  ANYWAY, without getting into it in detail, today is the day I fly.  It will all come to a head today.  Will it work or will it not work.  In a few hours I take off on a long travel day and hopefully my new outlook on flying will kick in and I will be just fine.  Drug free.

Can't wait to get away for a few days.  It has been a horrible winter here and I need the break and the company.  Pics to come.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

More to come

I know I know, it is totally my fault.  It's just that I have been so busy lately I can't find the time to sit and gather my thoughts.  But I will, I promise....and you all know how much I hate using that word.

I have a handful of clients this year that are taking up most of my free weekend time.  They have requested house visits for their workouts so it makes it challenging to get my own errands in on those particular days.  But I can't complain, they are paying customers and the money helps pay for the ridiculous fees to remain certified... which I have decided I won't be doing anymore.  I don't need a piece of paper to justify what I know.

Just back from Mexico and it was just what the doctor ordered.  Although the minute I returned, it felt like I had never left.  Sigh.  More on that later.

Vegas and a ticket to see "O" by cirque de soleil for VD day.  Awesome and grateful.

Work is work.  Meh

I haven't touched my paints in weeks.  I need to find some time to get that re-started before it is too late.  There isn't many weeks left in painting season.  Need to get on it.

Gym is awesome.  Finished my bulk and have put on some serious size.  Now for cutting.  The hard part.  Calorie counting and adding cardio back into the mix.  Argh.  Hate this part but summer is around the corner and I need to trim down for cycling and skating season.

So I'll try to add a bit more later.  Hope everyone is well.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Life is Life

So much going on but isn't that what its all about?

Gym and tennis life is awesome.  I have put on noticeable size which is great.  Finally have arms!!  No more twigs.  ;)  Although with the diet of bulking comes a pant size.  So I will be switching things up in Mexico and starting my cutting phase of the program a week early.  By April, I should be wrapping up my weight season and be in top notch shape for the competitive summer.  Not that I need to be these days.  With the extra muscle, I have been powering past tennis partners left and right.  Serve is faster, ground strokes are more punishing and opponents who used to give me problems are now buckling easier than ever.  Still have some adjustments to make but overall I couldn't be happier with this side of life.

Dad will be getting out of the hospital this weekend after a successful tumor removal from his neck.  Damn cancer.  It will get us all eventually.  I guess I have that to look forward to as the years pass.  Having my own skin issues in my 30s, I am sure I haven't seen the last of the big C word.  Anyway, he is doing quite well and the side effects are minimal.  He should be back to 100% in a few days.  So that is good news. 

Mexico is coming up and I can't wait.  The beach, fruit smoothies and the sun have been on my priority list for a few months now.  I am done with this winter nonsense.  ;)  I don’t care for it at all.  Will be nice to sleep in, walk along the beach and have yummy food for a while.  If only I didn't have to fly to get there.  But it is a small discomfort for the benefits it reaps. 

Art life is also going well.  I have been enjoying the new process and results.  Doing my first print is also exciting.  Although I am not sure it is going to be lucrative.  Because of the cost of getting a print made (about 65), I am unsure as to whether buyers are willing to pay more than that for a glossy poster.  For an original, people are more than happy to pay since my prices are so low but for a print I am not sure how they are going to react.  I hope I am pleasantly surprised.  Crossing fingers because the originals are too heavy for out of town buyers.  The shipping costs are far too high and the concrete is far too fragile when being moved around.  Either way I am happy that I get to be creative.  I should just be grateful for that…which I am.

Here is a view of my latest piece:

I need to travel.  I know I am about to embark on my yearly vaca to Mexico but I am already itching to head somewhere else.  I am undecided on whether to go to Vancouver to visit my bro or not this spring…as in March.  Should be nice there by then right?  People at work are trying to convince me to go back to Cuba.  Although admittedly, Cuba has the best beaches I have ever seen, I haven't been back in over 15 years and there is a part of me that is wondering how it all changed.  Then again I feel the same about Puerto Vallarta.  It has been a lifetime since I have gone there as well.  Plans are going ok for my Spain-Italy trip this fall as well so that is getting me excited.  Barcelona, Rome, Pompei and maybe Milan to name a few visits.  Will cost me a small fortune but you can't take it with you right.  And life is far too short to live in a bubble.  Seeing the world….what better way to experience life.  I am lucky I have the means to do this. 

Other than that things are good.  Friends are having babies and others are enjoying their winter sports.  Pfft, they can have it.  ;)  I'll glady wait for the plus 40 heat thank you very much.  All in all the world is turning and I'm just trying to find my place in it. 

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Best of 2013


Okay people, I know you have all been waiting eagerly to find out what tunes made my lists this year.  It wasn't a great year in music but there were some standouts.  I try to include some tunes you may not have heard on US radio just to broaden your horizons.  ;)  Here you go…

First list is the remixes.  In no particular order:

1.  Ke$ha:  C'mon - Cosmic Dawn Radio Edit
2.  Christina Aguilera:  Let there be love - Full HQ Edit
3.  Icona Pop:  I love it - Wayne G Radio Edit
4.  Rihanna feat David Guetta:  Right now - Ralphi Rosario Radio Edit
5.  Selena Gomez:  Come and get it - Cosmic Dawn Radio Edit
6.  Paloma Faith:  Picking up the pieces - Moto Blanco Radio Edit
7.  Bruno Mars vs. Daft Punk:  One more lucky treasure - Brian Cua Mashup
8. Calvin Harris feat Florence Welch:  Sweet Nothing
9.  Pink:  True Love - Craig Welsh Pop Bootleg
10.  Jessie J:  Wild - Cosmic Dawn Radio Edit
11.  One Direction:  Kiss You - Sharoque Radio Edit
12.  Danny Mercer feat Pitbull:  Outta Nowhere
13.  Ariana Grande:  Baby I - Cosmic Dawn Radio Edit
14.  One Direction:  Best Song Ever - Kat Krazy Radio Edit
15.  Lady Gaga:  Applause - Liam Keegan Radio Edit
16.  Ke$ha:  Supernatural - 3rd Impact Radio Edit
17.  Leanne Rimes:  Spitfire
18.  The Saturdays:  Disco Love - Wideboys Club Mix
19.  Icona Pop:  All Night - Dilemmachine Radio Edit
20.  Britney Spears:  Work Bitch - DJ FMSteff 2013
21.  Jessie J:  It's My Party - Steve Smart and Westfunk Mix
22.  Little Mix:  Move - The Alias Radio Edit
23.  Ariana Grande:  The Way - Jody Broeder Radio Edit
24.  Demi Levato:  Neon Lights - Betty Who Remix
25.  Pink:  Walk of Shame - Craig Welsh Bootleg Mix

The Non Remixes:

1.  Pink - Try
2.  Matt Cardle feat Mel C:  Loving You
3.  Pink:  Just give me a reason
4.  Emile Sande:  Clown
5.  Walk off the earth:  Red hands
6.  Justin Timberlake:  Mirrors
7.  Danny Mercer feat Pitbull:  Outta Nowhere
8.  Justin Timberlake:  Take Back the Night
9.  Naughty Boy feat Emile Sande:  Lifted
10.  Labrinth feat Emile Sande:  Beneath Your Beautiful
11.  Philip Philips:  Gone Gone Gone
12.  Shane Filan:  Everything to me
13.  Rihanna:  What Now
14.  Walk off the earth:  Gang Of Rhythm
15.  One Direction:  Story of My Life
16.  Little Mix:  Little Me
17.  Philip Philips:  Home
18.  Ed Sheeran:  The A Team
19.  A Great Big World feat Christina Aguilera:  Say Something
20.  Serena Ryder:  Fall
21.  Shane Filan:  Knee Deep In My Heart

** notable mentions

1.  Glenn Morrison:  Goodbye  (there is just something about this song...)
2.  Passenger:  Let her go (this song reminds me of Kermit the Frog)
3.  Bruno Mars:  When I was your man  (looking forward to a deeper voice covering this song)
4.  Sugababes:  Royals  (only on youtube)
5.  Katy B:  Crying for no reason