Friday, July 30, 2010

Regular Laughs.

Thank god for other bloggers.  They bring a smile to my face on crappy days when I am tired from training or just plain tired. 

Make sure to check them out (list on the right) when you have some free time.

Favs are:  Rabid Runner, Skibikejunkie and Dug. 

Each are informative with an abundant dose of sarcasm.  Loves it.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Orchestra in the Park

Last week, the National Arts Centre had a brilliant idea.  Free concerts in the park with a variety of formats.  Opera, Vocal, Variety, Instrumental.  Each held on a different night.  Did I mention it was free?

I was able to get to 3 out of 4 nights (that I knew about) and it was great.  I much prefered the vocal night where the singers were belting out popular classical tunes from La Boheme and Seville.  The instrumental night didn't have the same flavour.  People were talking and chatting freely on the field.  It was annoying.

That being said, I hope that this becomes a regular venue each year.  It could have been a bit longer but I understand the logistical nightmare it must have been.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cycling Buds

Here we are at Huron lookout while doing a lap of the Gats last week.  Sorry it has taken me so long to post this.  And no, that is not me.  I am neither Mexican or that thin.  It is the Il Peloton team of Ursula and Sergio.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Slower traffic stay right.

My pet peeve meter has been going off like crazy these past few weeks.  Especially when it comes to people traffic.  Some reminders....

1.  In general, stay to the right.  Like minded people will travel in one direction and will most likely stay to the right.  People who walk forward down a hallway and stay to the left need to be pushed into the wall.  This applies to shopping malls, grocery stores etc.

2.  If you are walking slowly (on the right) go even further to the right if you see/hear or even assume someone behind you is faster.  Don't walk in the middle or to the left.  You will most likely get a rude comment when you are being passed on the left. 

3.  Now that I think about it, the auto traffic laws are basically the same.  Follow them.

4.  If you decide to stop in front of revolving doors, at the bottom or top of escalators or in front of an elevator to to talk, pull out your phone, text of riffle through your purse, you WILL be shouldered out of the way.  By me anyway. 

5.  Stay out of the bike lanes.  Whether your a car or a walker, get the hell out of the way.

6.  Ladies, when in a coffee line, have your money ready.  Nothing is more annoying than when you plop your purse on the counter, unzip it and go digging for change.  For god's sake have it ready.  It is the same price as yesterday...and the day before that.

7.  Single file on an escalator.  Nuff said.

Leaving 8, 9 and 10 for you guys.

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Ottawa Grand Prix

The Grand Prix was this weekend and although I toyed with the idea of doing it, I quickly reminded myself that I hadn't put in nearly as much training as what would be needed.  Even in the novice division.  I would have been a joke in other words although I have no problem coming in last.  It is the attempt that counts.  Then another thought hit me.  I am sooooo not comfy in cycling packs that this race would have been my worst nightmare.  Here's why.

A downhill excelleration at 60kph in a pack = terror.


Terror = this. 

However, a hill climb in a pack is not so fear instilling.  I'd still be at the back though.  Probably crying.

Maybe by next year I will be able to join the novice ranks.  Their average speed for this 2000ft ascent is between 28 and 36.  My average is still in the lower 20's I believe.  I will confirm later tonight as I did in fact do the race loop once the actual race was over and I recorded all my numbers.

Grand Prix - by Jeffrey Furry

Monday, July 12, 2010

Another 100k plus weekend.

I had no choice this weekend guys and gals, I just had to wear my white Cervelo kit.  It was brutally hot and I was putting in tons of mileage. 

One of just a few pit stops my bud Mike and I took to break in the new cyclecam.  lol  And don't tell me I need to smile.  This is about as close to a smile as you are going to get.  Be grateful.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Final Design

I am still not 100% sure that the vendor is going to have this produced and shipped by Aug 7th but here's hoping.  They came through for me last year so I am trying to stay positive.

Either way, here is the final design of the 2010 Team Bionic Jersey (from Ottawa) for the 24hour relay in Montreal.  If anyone wants one, let me know.  They will be apprx. 42$ CDN.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Eye of the beholder

I think being an amateur artist has squewed my views of everyday things.  How's that for a statement?

There is just something in my mind that becomes fascinated with groups, shapes, colors, geometry...etc.  I always view things as if I am looking at a future canvas.  I think that is the reason why when I see cyclists, speedskaters and runners in a fast moving pack, it always has me gawking in amazement. 

As Kim, a fellow speedskater says to passing motorists or cyclists as we pass them packed up in a peloton... "oh yes, we do look that good".  I figure if you can't go fast, you might as well look fast.  ;) 

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

You would think.

You would think that being friends with people for several years that they would get to know your sense of humor.  You would think...right?  Well think again. 

Twice now, in the span of about 2 weeks, things that I have said have been misunderstood and are causing grief.  In fact, one person actually got upset.  Seriously people, EVERYTHING I say is for a laugh.  When I complain or bitch, it is not because I am truly complaining, it is just a joke.  When I have something serious to say, you will know it.  My mood instantly changes. 

And when I do relay a story or something I have experienced recently, I make it sound interesting.  Like right now, during this heatwave, I will say things like... "it was so hot during training today I swear my wheels started to melt on the pavement".  Now if you turn around and give me a look that reads "that is a lie" then your a damn idiot.  Of course it isn't true damnit, I was trying to get a point across.  Gawd.

Now that the big 40 has passed, watch out.  If you misunderstand me now, I will make sure you are corrected right then and there.  And if you fail to have a sense of humor when I try to make a joke I will also call you out and tell you to relax and remove that timbre from your ass!!  Trust me, most of you know me to be very outspoken and black and white in my don't want me to NOT to be making jokes and such because you would all be crying and I wouldn't have any friends.  What good would that be.

My tolerance for attitude is dwindling fast bitches.  Consider yourselves schooled.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Sorry for the lack of posting in the past week.  So much going on.  The weather here has been awesome so I have been out on the courts, on skates and on my bike everyday....sometimes twice. 

Pulled in a 89.93km ride last Saturday which was great.  Made for a perfect birthday present to myself. 

Got beaten on the courts this past weekend which didn't feel great.  My game is such a shadow of its former glory.  Oh well.  At least it is still fun and I am getting out there.  Winning isn't always everything anymore.

I promise I will have more soon.