Sunday, July 31, 2011

How did I miss that

Today marked the first day I went out and skated with the 9am crew.  In the past weeks I just didn't feel up to it and when I did show up my back hurt so much I just bailed and got back on the bike.  Today was a bit different.  We did some sprints and attack drills that had me kinda forgetting the back pain.  Of course it didn't last long and before I knew it I had to stop.  It was great fun though.  Much more exciting than just plain ol pack skating...although I love that too.  But that isn't the point. 

The whole time, I just felt so tired.  Worn down.  Shakey.  I didn't know what was going on.  Then over brunch with the family, I was yawning like a mad man.  Couldn't keep my eyes open. Got home, took a mini nap and still I felt so weighted down.  Well it is just now, at 4pm that I remembered that I took my allergy pills at 7am.  You can guess the #1 side effect.  Yup...drowsiness.  Duh.  Now I remember that last year I only took them at night.  Lesson learned...again. 

Sprint and attack drills = Jello legs. 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mind the gap....

Just the other day here in Ottawa, we experienced a day where the heat reached about 45 degrees.  It was hot.  Really hot but not hot enough to keep my inside.  So I threw on the spandex, grabbed my bike and headed up to the hills for an easy 30k climbing loop. 

There is one section, where we also skate train, that has gates preventing access.  Of course avid cyclists have created a path around the two gates.  Problem is, you really don't know why the gates are there until the very last minute when THIS appears out of nowhere.

You would think you would see it coming but you really don't.  The way the road is angled it sneeks up on you.  And although it doesn't look very deep, trust me, it is.  It would be quite the fall.
It was a brutal workout that night anyway.  I went really slow and drank lots of water but still ended up feeling a bit barfy at the end.  And the word "soaking" doesn't cover how drenched I was.  I smelled like a rose I assure you.  ;)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I need to get back on the wagon.  Since I hurt my back all those months ago, I have yet to return to the level of training I was consistently pumping out on a daily basis.  And as a result, the belly is slowly getting a big bigger.  Not enough for a big change, but a change none the less.  So back to salads and real food again while I make my way back on the courts, on the skates and on the saddle. 

Plus, I need to save a bit of money...there are two Tour de France cycling team kits that I want.  Thank god for Ebay knock offs. 

Other than that, I need to get back to running.  Trail running as well.  In just over a month, I will be doing the Grouse Grind in Vancouver and from what I hear, it is a killer.  Basically you run up a mountain.  Fun.  I would love to bring my bike with me on my trip but instead, I am hoping I can rent a pretty good quality road bike.  Fingers crossed.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I can't imagine...

The fallout of that car clipping that TDF rider the other day was this....  This poor rider was the one that flew into the barbed wire fence.  I hear the stitches were never ending...  What is that lumpy stuff on his ass though?  That doesn't look natural.  Nice tan though.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It isn't just the drivers anymore.

More and more these days I am getting caught up in the battle between cyclists and drivers.  Both sides seem to be fighting it out in every media venue around the city.  Radio, newspapers....twitter... you name it.

But lately, I have been seeing much more neglect on the side of the cyclists.  Especially the experienced ones.  This makes me sad.  As I have my bike in the back of my truck and feel a certain mojo with other cyclists, it pains me to see them break the most courteous of rules.  Such as...

Red lights are for everyone.  Even if they are in the middle of nowhere and there is no oncoming traffic.  Stop.  Seriously.

If possible, stay to the inside of the lane.  You are not a car so riding in the middle of the road during rush hour to prove a point is a bit much.

Don't stop and rest against my car if we are both at a red light. 

You can't alternate between roads and sidewalks just to avoid traffic laws. 

Even if you are in a peleton of 50 riders, if you are on an open road, you are still the secondary mode of transportation and should yield somewhat to the thousands of pounds of metal coming at you. 

And drivers...I am not done with you yet.... 

Monday, July 4, 2011


It has been a while since I checked in so first of all let me apologize.

I am still running every second day and it has become easier and easier as time goes by.  Something is always sore but I endeavour to progress at a steady rate.  Now I equally have to take time and review my food and ensure that I start eating in the best possible way.  Sure a bday full of cake and tarts are not optimal but it is only a temporary thing and I will be back on track shortly. 

I am also thinking of limiting my gluten intake.  I have no idea if this will make a difference but I have heard so much about the limitation of such things that I might give it a try.  Now of course, I should really curb my cravings for chocolate and dairy queen but one thing at a time.  ;)