Thursday, November 17, 2011

Whenever your feeling down...

Update - Long time coming

It's been a while.  Sorry about that.  Things have been sooo busy but all in a good way.  Except for one sad note.

Several weeks ago, an acquaitance of mine was murdered in a local mall.  Shot down gangster style.  I knew him from the gym where we would work out from time to time and in all the years that I knew him, he was nothing but nice, friendly and kind.  Genuine and pretty authentic.  Well as the murder investigation continues, it has come to light that he was also a drug dealer, had ties to the Hell's Angels and had deep ties with the mobs in several provinces.  Most likely involved in more criminal activity then I would care to think about.  Where I am torn is that although I can't ignore his past, I can also not ignore the way "I" perceived his behavior to others.  Which was always noble.  So I remain conflicted.  I am not happy when conflicted.  It goes against my black and white persona.  ;)

The gym is going great.  My gains are becoming evident and the hard work is paying off.  I still hate lunges, more than I could ever explain but I still push through them every 3 days.  I also get to share my gym pain (and gain a spotter) with my best bud so my increases have doubled.  I have skipped past 2 weeks in most of my cycles.  It is amazing how much harder you work when you have someone there to lend a small hand.

Mexico is less than 2 months away.  Can't wait.  Will be nice to get away from it all and just relax.  God I hope they have a walk in gym in Mexico.  There is no way I am going 3 weeks without working out. 

On the painting front, I have had a few ideas for some new pieces but just don't have the funds to pull it all together.  Money is too tight so the artistic outlet will have to remain blogging for the time being.  Maybe in the new year things will change.

Other than that, life is excellent.  I have no complaints and as far as I know, those around me are doing pretty well too.  I haven't heard anything that would make me thing otherwise.  My bro left for vaca for about 1.5 months.  Lucky bastard.  I will be in Vancouver in the coming weeks and for the first time, he won't be there.  Oh well, thankfully I have other friends who will treat me to dinner.  ;)

Sunday, November 6, 2011


So as you know, I like taking inspiration from the people around me I am lucky enough to call friends.  I think it is important to share the successes of others and let them know that their efforts are making a difference, not only to themselves but to others around them.

In this installment, I bring your attention to Lee.  About 9 months ago, Lee was an employee at the Goodlife I go to and someone I saw almost everyday.  It was also about 9 months ago that Lee decided he wanted to compete in his very first body building competition.  Now keep in mind that Lee had the body we all have.  Well normal people anyway.  He was a big boy.  That certainly changed over the 9 months. 

Here is Lee now, after all his training, AND after WINNING first place in his very first competition.  Great job buddy. (Lee is in the middle of the group)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Just like the first time

No matter how often I do my leg routine, it feels like the first time.  Hamstrings give out during lunges and border on cramping...quads are shaking like mad doing squats and the best is when you try to walk down the stairs to the water fountain.  It is almost worth avoiding the fountain altogether.  Almost.