Sunday, August 26, 2012

Short Vent

When I just left a comment on your facebook page, there is really no excuse for spelling my name wrong when you reply.  Seriously, it is right there above your comment!  Hello!  Dumbass.

Saturday, August 18, 2012


The plus side to not being able to play tennis, skate, cycle or fucking anything is that I have all this free time to paint.  Normally I don't begin until the snowfall but I figured why not.  So here is a pic of my latest creation. 

Friday, August 17, 2012


Sooo I have begun my Active Release therapy for my legs.  There is really no way to describe this type of physio.  By the time I am done my 30 minute session, I am soaking wet in sweat, have a massive headache and am so tense I almost feel like going home to bed.  Not to mention the pain that follows you around all day.  I keep reminding myself that this is all needed to get better.  I do NOT want surgery. 

On top of my two tears, my doc says I have abnormally tight hamstrings which is no doubt causing my hip, groin, back and leg problems that have plagued me over the past 3 years.  But she says that in time, I can make great gains in correcting the issues.  But of course, it comes at a cost.  Lots more physio and strangely enough... a lot of yoga. 

Yoga...I have done it a few times but never really considered going more than occassionally.  Looks like I am going to have to wrap my head around this if I want to continue playing my sports at the levels I am accustomed to. 

So overall, I am in good spirits.  I really can't complain too much.  Pain will eventually go away and in the end I will be at a better level than what I started at.  That is the goal after all. 

Leaving for holidays in a few weeks.  Can't wait.  To swim in the warm waters of Italy and Greece will at least calm my mind if not these sore legs.  Now if only I can get my passport back from Passport Canada.  Bastards are taking forever.  The countdown has begun.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

So that's that.

My running challenge seems to be over before it even had a chance to start.  Last September when I tore my right soleus muscle (calf) while running, it took about 8 weeks to get back to the point where I could walk without pain.  Through out the winter and spring, I focused on light cardio and tennis which didn't seem to strain the muscle, unless I was moving backwards (strange).  Well fast forward a few months.

In June, I decided to get new shoes and try running one more time.  I began really slow and hit the treadmill 3 times a week for nothing more than 3km per session.  Nothing fast, just easy.  I felt the "pressure" on both legs almost right away but began an immediate stretching program to help out.  Things were going okay.  Not great but ok.  Over the past weeks, my left leg, not the previously injured one started to pull a bit more than usual.  To the point where it was getting hard to ignore.  So I stopped the cardio and just hit the weights.

Today, I taped up the left leg and did some light lunges at the gym during a class.  20 mins in I felt the right calf pop and that was that.  The left did just fine.  So now I have a strain in my left and a tear in my right.  WTF.

So that's that.  Nothing I can do now.  Can't really walk or put any pressure on my right leg.  I had to pull out of the 24 hour Inline race which sucks.  Letting down a team is never a good feeling.  Especially since I really haven't been skating much this summer. 

Trying to book an MRI but wait times are 4-6 weeks which is about the recovery time needed.  Sigh.  So I am going to get a prescription for some Active Release Treatments and hit the physio right away.  Need to be on my feet in Greece and Italy in a few weeks.  No excuses.  Hopefully the docs can provide some more permanent solutions.  I can't afford this scenario to continue.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

A perfect 10

As some of you may not know, I was a gymnast in my early days.  I never qualified for high bar or rings...instead I trained exclusively on floor and vault.  Vault was always my favorite and I won several medals on it over the years.  So with that said, I know a bit about vaults.  And THIS, below is the best vault I have ever seen.  It is a perfect 10.  I do not know why it wasn't scored that way.  Can you find anything wrong?


So the Gluten free thing is done.  I did a full 30 days pretty strict with only a few minor mishaps that were almost impossible to avoid.  The findings?  Well I am not intolerant to gluten.  That is for sure.  There was no energy increase, no weight loss, no noticeable difference.  In fact, what I did notice were quite negative factors. 

1.  Without those carbs, I found I was more grumpy than normal and I thought about food all the time.  I couldn't focus on work because I was daydreaming of bread and cookies. 

2.  Also, without the "full" feeling that gluten filled carbs normally provide, I found myself eating twice as much non gluten foods.  Even though the foods were more natural and better for me, I would need to eat so much more to get the same energy levels that smaller portions of gluten foods provided.  Thus no weight loss at all.  If I had stuck to the same portions, I would have been starving all the time.

3.  Eating out, which I do regularly is almost impossible when you are gluten free.  Unless you order salads everytime.  But what is the fun in that?

So next on the life trials will be a sugar free month.  Now this is going to be a true test for me.  I can't remember a single day, in years, that I have not had chocolate or a sweet of some sort.  I am not sure how I am going to approach this but am looking forward to seeing what happens.