Wednesday, October 31, 2012

X Stretch

Thank god for X Stretch.  Just when you need a break in the program, there is a 60 minute stretch day.  Ahhhh.  Not easy but man does it feel good after.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy one.  I have lots to do after work to prepare for a dinner party on Friday.  So much food to make not to mention the groceries.  But it is going to be a great healthy menu.  And of course I have to add in my shoulder and arm routine in the midst of all that.  No rest for the wicked, I tell ya.

The no sugar thing is getting hard, I must admit.  Candy and treats are being circulated around the office and it is killing me that I can't have any.  But I am staying strong.  The only cheat I have is a bit of peanut butter.  But I think I am going to put an end to that....even if i am allowed a certain amount per day.  Why not I figure?

Anyway...boring entry.  Sorry.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

A pleasant surprise

Although I did a double yesterday with my p90x challenge, I still was a day behind in the program.  Sunday is normally my rest day but I decided to set it aside and treat my days off this week as my rest period.

This meant that today was another double duty day.  Argh.  Instead of doing the p90x yoga at home, I went to the gym and did the yoga class there, which I am not sure was the right decision.  It  proved to be very difficult.  I am not sure what was going on but I was heaving and gasping for air the whole time.  The balance tracks were crazy!  Then I had to come home and do my shoulders and arm routine.

To be honest, I was actually planning on doggin the workout (doing half the weight) but as I started, my ego got in the way and I couldn't cheat myself.  I finished the 60 minutes and even bested my reps in some places.  Of course I am totally exhausted now but it was all worth it!  Will be a deep sleep tonight...

As us P90ers say:  Just press PLAY!!

Saturday, October 27, 2012


It has been a few days since I got a chance to update.  I was sent to Toronto yet again to give training and was not able to work out.  I did however stick to the eating program very well.  Salads and chicken and only one cheat.  Fries.  But still no sugar and it is kind of a decent cheat.  Right?  ;)

As for the workouts, they are going really well.  I am still sore after each program which I always take as a good sign. I am upping my weights when needed and keeping  track of each and every set.  Things are good.  I have to double up today to make up for my Toronto trip.  It should be a fun day.  Kenpo boxing followed by 90 mins of Yoga.  Not sure this is going to work.  I might substitute Yoga for their 45 minute stretch program.  It is nice to be back on track.

My flight yesterday from Toronto was horrible.  Severe turbulence.  I mean severe.  Barf bag was full and there were women crying and screaming for the 5 minutes of hell.  A few injuries for those who were not wearing seatbelts and ended up hitting the ceiling.  Along with their wine.  The beverage cart fell and there were many broken glasses and wine bottles broken at the back of the plane.  Where I was.  After the 5 minutes, I was soaked.  Completely white in shock and soaking wet.  I felt horrible after being sick which ended up lasting for about 4 hours afterwards.  The stewardess asked me to stay behind so she could assess my condition but I was in no mood to stay on that plane a second later than necessary.  Even when off the plane I could not settle.  Once home I called telehealth and they gave me some good advice to settle.  They said I might be in shock.  Fun.  So another tranquilizer for me and it was off to bed a few hours later.  

So no more planes for me thanks.  I think the train will be my new best friend.

The above pic, just after the turbulence, and after that poor man hit his head on the ceiling, is shot of where everyones drinks ended up. You can see on the right top where the red wines of passengers stained the ceilings.  The cabin was trashed.  I can't even explain the havoc that 3 minutes caused.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Accountability Crew

Part of this P90x challenge, based on the info I have received, is a element called the Accountability Crew.  It is a group of people who either support you when you are doing good or kick your ass in gear when you are feeling down.  I realized that I don't have such a thing.

So, I joined the p90x forums to help with the questions I have and to get the umph I need from time to time.  They are pretty great I must say.  It is very comforting to have conversations with fellow like minded sufferers of this program.  lol  Most are at different stages but we can all relate in one way or another to the challlenges.  I was impressed and grateful.  It is strange being on "this" side of the trainer equation.  Normally I am the one handing out the support and knowledge.

Today marked the start of week 3.  I upped the weights on a few of my sets and boy, could I feel it afterwards.  Lifting my fork for dinner was a struggle.  I am going to be soooooore tomorrow.  Plyometrics are on the schedule for Tuesday.  God I hate that day.  Where's Yoga/Stretch when I need it.  ;)

Oh ya, I am down a pant size!  Yay.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

80 days to go.

So far so good.  There have been a few times when I found myself trying to talk myself out of doing my class but after an internal arguement with myself I didn't miss a single day.  Even last night, after a dinner party, I was doing my workout at 10:30pm.

The journey has been a great one so far although I am so sore all the time it is little bit of a pain in the ass.  I don't mind upper body pain but pain in my legs and junk is just getting tired.

On the good side, when I started, I was lifting 15 pounds for most classes and even that was heavy.  But now, with dedication, I am surprise how fast my strength and muscle endurance has increased.  I am up to 25 pounds for almost all of the exercises.  Yay.  On the downside, I still haven't managed to make it through the whole 90 minutes of yoga.  Although I do other yoga classes 3 times a week, this 90 minute class just wipes me out and the moves are much more advanced.  I am not a great twister I have discovered.  I hope as time goes by, the body will give up a few inches when it comes to yoga.

As for the sugar, I have been on point.  Not a single grain for over a week.  Except for last night.  I had a small, really small, slice of red velvet cheese cake.  Of course I paid for it with a massive headache.  Not sure what that is all about.  I was expecting a huge sugar withdrawl but it really didn't show up.  And not having carbs was a bit hard in the beginning but now I am just fine.

Today is Yoga at the gym, Chest and Biceps AND Ab ripper X.  Phew, it is going to be a tough day.  There will have to be a nap in there somewhere.  ;)

Until next time.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ab Ripper X

After speaking to my physio expert, she gave me the "go" to start aggressively working on my core this week.  I have been doing very simple tennis and gym stretches for my abs, groin and back but nothing crazy.  Just a few movements from yoga and such.  Still hard though.

Today was the first day I used the Ab Ripper X routine from my P90x challenge.  Wow.  It is only 15 minutes long but there are no breaks.  Not even one.  And the moves are NOT easy.  There are 350 ab repetitions in 15 mins.  25 or so per movement.  I could only do 5-10 of each movement.  Sometimes less than that.  The "boys" were screaming in pain.  I wish I could have set them aside.  On the coffee table for a while.  If only.

I cramped a few times but I was told that it was to be expected.  I am dreading tonight while trying to sleep. Should be fun...ouch.

I can only get stronger...

Apart from that, the sugar free element is going well.  I caught myself this afternoon drinking my recovery drink when I realized that is MUST have a glucose delivery system.  Indeed I was right.  31 grams of sugar per serving.  I was quick to spit out the drink and pour the rest down the drain.  See you in week 5 yummy sugar drink.  ;)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Stage one

I know I know.  I've been slacking.  But I have good reason...I've been training!

I'm into week 2 of my reboot to p90x.  I tried it once before and couldn't stick with it because of my schedule.  It was summer, the tennis courts were calling me...etc.  But now that winter is here and the outside is closed to me for 8 months, I figured it was a great time to reboot the program.

So far the results are great.  It is a hard program.  Really hard.  Like really really hard.  But the workouts I don't have a problem with.  I'm a gymhead, I can take anything.  But the that is my challenge.  1600 cals a day?  No carbs for 4 weeks?  No sugars?  Yikes.  Today will be my first day in limiting my sugars.  I am a sugarholic so this will be deadly for me.  The only time I am allowing a bit of sugar is for my coffee.  I can't drink it black.  So gross.  But as of today, no more chocolate (which I eat everyday), no more sugars in food, sauces...etc.  Decision has been made.  Foot has been put down.  Consider this your warning everyone...I hear the sugar withdrawl attitude is brutal.  lol

So stay tuned.  Updates will be varied when I have time.  On a plus side, after only 2 weeks, I am able to touch my toes again.  With all my injuries, I haven't been able to do that in over a year.  I can equate this to the yoga and stretch DVDs of the program.  And my physio.

Let the fun continue.