Sunday, November 25, 2012

The wagon.

To keep it simple, I fell off it this week.  The workouts were there, don't worry about that, but the food was a bit off.  I was on training for work all week and didn't have the options I would normally have when it came to lunch and snacks.  I wasn't about to pay 10 dollars for a salad when a slice of pizza was only 2.99.  So there were a few bad moments to say the least.  However, at dinner I made the right choices.  It wasn't all a waste.  And on the workout front, I went up another 5 pounds on my weights.  I am spending too much money on  But I can see the diff in my upper body for sure.  I still can't believe how hard this program is.  200 push ups in one session...really?  I'm still pressing play.  6 weeks to go.

But alas, the pizza wasn't the worst of it.  After 7 weeks of being very careful with my sugars, I not only fell off the wagon I willingly jumped from the damn thing.  I don't know what it was but I could NOT get sugary treats out of my mind all day yesterday.  Maybe it was because I have been depriving myself for so long and it just built up.  Who knows?  All I do know is that I could not stop thinking about it.  It was like an old addiction coming for a visit.  So I caved.  I had syrup with pancakes and a chocolate bar.  Not together of course.  Hours apart.  Strangely however, I noticed a very interesting thing afterwards...although they were very yummy, they didn't give me the same feeling they used to in the past.  Hmmm.  I didn't expect that at all.  I was kinda left feeling, blah and unsatisfied.  Not sure what that is all about but needless to say I am back on the wagon.  I don't think it will be as hard to stay on track now as I have allowed myself to cheat and found it to be kinda useless.

Back on the courts tonight for the first time in well over a month.  Since my physio issues.  I am kinda nervous but really looking forward to getting back to my passion.  It is seriously the "thing" I think about when I wake up and the last thing before bed.  I am lucky to have been able to play this sport for so long.  I only hope I have many more years left.  I hope you all experience this feeling about something in your life.  You just can't beat it.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

In the thick...

Sorry I have been quiet on the P90 front.  I am still going strong but this phase is a bit harder than the last.  Although it seems like the same exercises, the reps and back to back sets are killer.  They only give you about 15 seconds rest and there is no pressing pause if you want the full affect.  Thus, you are soooo sore and exhausted it is hard to go on.

I am getting a bit better on the Ab Ripper DVD as well.  It is only 15 minutes long but there are over 350 reps to do.  What I have noticed is that my abs are getting stronger but what keeps me from finishing all the exercises is my hips, groin and lower back.  Sure I am getting better but man, it is crazy how injuries just stay with you for the rest of your life.  I am afraid how they are going to affect me when I am in my senior years.  Much worse than if I was not trying to stay in shape but can you imagine?

Still can't finish the entire Yoga X program.  The first 30 minutes are a million down dogs and sun salutations.  Sure a couple are okay but there are about 50 or more.  It is crazy.  Plus you have to do push ups every time.  Killer.  But I am still doing it.

On a positive note, I am down another belt notch.  And believe it or not, it drives me batty.  I still can't see any difference around my midsection regardless of what my belt says.  Grrrr.  The smallest change would motivate me so much it isn't funny.  I figure I am being denied it to see if I can stay on track without the validation.  Nothing is going to make me stop I tell ya.  I am just a few days short of half way.  Yee haa.

My personal/work life is challenging right now but those things are not important sometimes.  Especially when you have goals in mind and a drive to meet them.

Deep breath.  Keep pressing play.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Parking of Pregnant Ladies

I know this sounds like a great song title but alas, it is not.  It is the subject of my frustration this morning.

As I was pulling into my bank today I saw a nice sports car pull up and park in the "Reserved for Expecting Mothers" spot.  Awww, good for them I am thinking...

Until out of this car comes this 60 year old man with a 27 year old woman who is about a size 1.  Lycra yoga pants, ugg boots, tight sports top, lululemon know the type.  Grrrr  I figured she was maybe a week pregnant...if at all.

So based on this, I figured they should change the sign.  It SHOULD say, "Expecting their 3rd trimester.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Babies, Pins and Push Ups

Great news all around.

First of all, my sis by another miss, Kelley has popped out a baby boy.  Gabriel.  Felt like forever before I was going to see this little guy.  Felt like 9 months.  Sheesh.  Congrats to John and Kel.  Big Love to all three of you.

Here is a pic of the little guy.  Fresh as can be.

Secondly, Kim got her pins out of her leg today.  Gross.  I won't get into too much detail but needless to say she is well on the road to recovery.  I foresee her back on her bike and kicking my ass as soon as the snow melts.  Sorry I don't (thankfully) have a pic of her knee.  

And last but not least I am 2 days into Phase 2 of my challenge.  OMG I can't even describe the pain I suffered on Monday night.  More push ups, this time in slow motion.  Ouch.  And then even more..but from a semi standing position.  How do people come up with this torture?  

Today was plyometrics.  I hate them.  Passionately.  I might just come up with another routine to replace this particular workout.  It kills my lower back and destroys my groin with all the jumping and lunging.  Thinking of cycling instead by not sure that those classes would burn as much calories.

Anyway that is about it today.  

Sunday, November 11, 2012

"Rest" is over...back to the pain.

Week 4 is over.  Thankfully.  I am a bit bored of the stretching and yoga at this point.  Not that I don't need it...of course I do, but a week of it is a bit boring if you ask me.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of Phase II.  More weights but a totally different set of exercises.  Can't wait.  Even though I am sore all the time, I enjoy the weight portion.  Working out is easy for me.

The main challenge with me is still the food.  I have been very good with cutting the sugars and junk food for the most part but there are still days where I double my allowed intake of calories.  Like yesterday.  I buckled while on the road doing errands and gobbled down a cheeseburger and small fry.  I justified it in my head because it was after 12, I hadn't eaten all morning and I had already had a speedskating practice where I know I burned about 800 calories.  STILL, I know it was wrong and a lapse in judgement.  I have to get a handle on those.  I know it isn't the end of the world but when they add up over time it DOES have an impact.  Not to mention an emotional one.  It just adds the guilt and self deprecating thoughts which I do not need at this point.  Must stay positive and believe this can be done.

On that note, several people have said they notice a change.  I still can't see it but that it great news and certainly adds to the motivation.  Positive feedback has such great effects.

Other than that, life remains grand.  My poor friend Kimmy is on her back for the next little while after knee surgery and I can't even imagine how she is coping.  That would drive me insane.  But I know she will come back stronger and more determined than ever.  It is good for me because now that she will be recovering, I'll be able to keep up with her.  ;)

Keep pressing play.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Recovery week my ass!

Week 4 of the P90x challenge is supposed to be about recovery and rest.  It is supposedly meant as a small break from the onslaught of weight exercises you suffered through in weeks 1-3.

Well let me make this quite clear.  There is no rest or recovery in week 4.  Sure you might not be lifting any weights, but doing 90 minutes of Yoga is no easy task.  30 minutes of downdogs and planks followed by 60 minutes of abs, twists, turns...and all other sorts of torture will keep you sweating and sore for days.  Don't kid yourself.  It kinds of makes you yearn for the weights again.  At least I yearn for them.  ;)

There are still a few of the poses that I can't do.  No matter how I try, my body just does not bend into the plow position or the crow.  Check out these pics of the moves.  Any person with "weight" on them is not going to be able to do these.  That is my only somewhat negative comment thus far on the program.  I have a hard time believing that any male over 210 pounds would be able to complete some of these routines.  BUT that does not keep me from pressing play every single night.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Phase 1 Complete

I officially completed the first phase of my P90x challenge.  Here are some interesting tid bits that I noticed over this 4 week period.

  1. In the first week, I could barely complete some of the classes with a 10 or 15 pound weight.  By week 4, I can complete almost all the classes with 25 pounds.  I am not getting bigger per say, but my muscle endurance is increasing by leaps and bounds.
  2. I can totally see how eating crap, even a bit, can totally ruin a workout.  There is just no fuel in bad food.  Nothing your muscles can use.  And trust me, you need good fuel.
  3. I still can't make it through the entire 95 minutes of yoga but that is ok.  I add 2 more yoga days in my week to compensate.  As they say on the DVD, "do your best and forget the rest".
  4. I am down 2 belt notches which is great but I can't "see" the difference.  That is kind of frustrating.  However, it seems to be a common factor with past and present challengers.  Most say that you will notice a visual change in week 7-9.  No problem.  As long as I continue to "feel" better, the visuals don't matter so much.
  5. I will miss my bulking program that I normally do in the winter.  On P90 it is more about the cut than the mass.  I am okay with that.  I have never really completed a cutting program.  So time will tell.
  6. I think the most important thing I have learned so far is that success on any program begins in the kitchen.  Of course personal trainers learn this during their Canfitpro certification but it is rare we put it into practice ourselves.  We save it for our clients.  This time around, I am turning it around on myself.  I have been very successful with reducing my sugars to less than 25grams a day.  For me, most of that  is used in my coffee and or a tiny bit of peanut butter.  Needless to say, although it is hard, I am very happy with my dedication on this front.  Especially since I am a self described sugar addict.  On top of that, reducing my carbs and stocking up on my veggies and proteins has also paid off.  Sure my energy during workouts is sketchy, the overall effect is worth it.  The key to my food success is what I have been telling my clients for 10 years.  Keep a food journal.  It is the only way you can't cheat yourself.  When you see those numbers, there is just no way you can fool anyone.  Yourself most of all.
  7. And the last accountability.  It is hard doing this by myself but thankfully I have the support of fellow X'ers who are a wealth of knowledge.  It is so easy to say "not today" but when someone is expecting your update on a daily basis, pressing play doesn't seem so difficult.  After all, even if your having a bad day, just by pressing play, it is bound to be better.  
So here comes the recovery week.  Lots of cardio and yoga.  Plus a crazy amount of core work.  Something I need more of considering all my injuries.  Which sadly are still there.  But I'm not going to focus on that for now.  Staying positive.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

One step back.

Life happened today. I was not impressed. 

The work crew went to a Thai buffet place and I tagged along with the mantra in my head of "I will ONLY eat the veggies and rice"!!! Well that didn't work out quite the way I planned. The curried potatoes and peanut chicken was calling my name and I felt that if I didn't answer their call that they would be upset with me. Needless to say, we became close friends pretty quickly. Sigh.

Of course, on the way back to the office, guilt kicked in and I felt like I had just ruined the past 3 weeks of this new challenge. All that hard work ruined with one dirty lunch. 

Even though I know that I am still on track and that I can't kick myself for one bad meal, guilt can be a horrible thing. Deep breath. Pressing play on the program...maybe twice tonight for good measure... emoticon