Monday, December 31, 2012

Best tunes of 2012 - The Remixes

So 2013, in my opinion, hasn't been a great year for dance tunes. Or maybe I have been out of touch a bit. Regardless, as always I am listing my top tunes for 2012. The remixes and the singles. Hope you enjoy them as much as I have. You can certainly move them them.

In no particular order.  Here are the Remixes:

1. Rihanna: Where have you been (Martin & Souza Radio Edit)

2. The Wanted: Glad you came (Funk3d Radio Edit)

3. Jason Derulo: Breathing (Mike Rizzo Radio Edit)

4. Kelly Clarkson: Stronger (7th Heaven Radio Edit)

5. Cher Lloyd: Want you back (Cahill Extended Mix)

6. Karmin: Brokenhearted (R3hab Radio Edit)

7. Nelly Furtado: The bigger the better

8. Kylie Minogue: Timebomb (Extended Mix)

9. Christina Aguilera: Your Body (Country Club Martini Radio Edit)

10. Amelia Lily: You bring me joy (Steve Smart & Westfunk Radio Edit)

11. Little Mix: DNA (Kat Krazy Radio Edit)

12. Carly Rae Jepsen: This Kiss (Digital Dog Radio Edit)

13. Florence and the machine: Spectrum (Calvin Harris Radio Edit)

14. Maroon 5: One more night (Ultimix)

15. One Direction: Stole my heart (Radio remix)

Thursday, December 27, 2012


Sorry it's been over a week people.  Life is getting busy but rest assured I am still into the program full on.  I am currently suffering from a bout of stomach flu so don't have much to say right now but stayed tuned for a full update in due time.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Recovery week #2 and a reality check.

So, in the P90 program, they build in recovery weeks to allow your body to rest and forget the hardships of the past 40 some days.  Does it work?  Absolutely.  Do I like it?  Hell no.  I do not like being away from a weight lifting scenario for too long.  7 days isn't bad and I know I can handle it but damn...Xmas is just around the corner!  If there is a time I need the extra calorie burn it is now.   I will do my best to get some extra tennis in and maybe some spinning to compliment all the stretching and yoga for this week.  Not to mention my physio is still on the schedule.

I am officially half way through the program.  I am really enjoying the results so far.  Could I be eating better?   Yes.  There is no doubt.  But that is about to change as well.  Got some not fun news that will force me to make better choices.

Over the past few weeks I haven't been feeling 100%.  Something has been off and I couldn't put my finger on it.  So I went to my fam doc a week back and had a blood test.  Stress with work, the home renovations...etc.  It was all building up.  I also had him check on some new cysts I am getting on my face.  Especially around my eyes and on my eyelids.  My moms neurofibromatosis really kicked in when she was in her 40s and now covers half of her face even after 2 surgeries.  I figured this was going to be the time for me as well.  As I carry the same genes and already have some spots here and there, I just accepted that this was the beginning.  Anyway, although he didn't discard this possibility, he actually believed them to be a xanthoma.  Fatty cholesterol deposits that surround the eye when lipids are high.  Which leads me back to my blood test.  Seems I have high cholesterol.  So with those factors in play together, he told me not to worry too much but still....all things considered, he advises I pay more attention to my diet and focus on better choices.  If I do that, the lumps should go down.  Not to mention, since I have already been under the knife for similar lumpoma surgeries, I need to be extra careful moving forward.  Looks like my weekly chinese food binges will need to be altered to allow more veggies and less fried tofu and peanut butter sauces.

I know having high cholesterol doesn't seem like much but it is kinda freaking me out a bit.  Although 99% of my family dies from cancer, the idea of having a heart attack is not fun.  I always thought my fitness would protect me from all this but supposedly you can have the best body ever but still have clogged arteries.  Who knew? So moving forward, it is time for me to really give my head a shake and get it together.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Life and Stress

It has been a week and a bit full of stress, bad luck and overall suck.  I am tired of having this hole in my ceiling with no apparent movement on the repair.  I totally wasted over 50$ worth of art supplies on a painting that simply did not work.  On top of that, I failed my french grammar exam which halts the promotion I was being offered at work.  Now I have to wait 30 days to be retested which just adds more stress to life.  And there are two cherries to be placed on top of this pie of crap.

First, because of all the above, I inexcusably went back to comfort.  In other words, I pigged out all weekend.  Rolling in crap food.  Pancakes (twice), bacon, sausages, peanut buttery treats, you name it.  I felt so sick afterwards but man, did it feel good to let go.  I am back on track but I know I have set myself back.  That leads to cherry number 2.

Because of my food escapades, my numbers are down in my P90 challenge.  No, I am not referring to my weight.  I only wish.  My numbers refer to my actual lift pounds and reps.  With the shit food running through my veins, my energy is down, I feel exhausted and the stress of live is rolling in deep.  Big exhale.  So as a result, my repeat week has not gotten off to a great start.  

Okay, wallow over.  Life continues, and I have a trip to Mexico to plan.  Time for a tan and some sand between my toes.  

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Last week and this week have proven to be a challenge.  I think that this is a critical time in my 90 day journey and I am trying my best to push through.

At this point, it is getting tough.  I am tired and hungry and my cravings for the "old" food I used to eat are nagging at me non stop.  I would kill for a chocolate bar and some greasy onion rings.  But I know that one day of crap can ruin a full week of effort.  So I am doing my best to just remind myself why I am doing this.  I can't afford to start making deals with myself in order to eat crap food.  What a sorted history I have with doing that.

The workouts are also getting a bit repetitive.  I am doing my best to ensure I mix things up and combine big weights one day with lots of reps the next and that is helping.  I find this is a great way to really push your muscles to that other level.  Thankfully I excel in the weights and it keeps it all real.

All in all I am still pushing through but it is getting harder and harder to push play.  But don't worry, I am doing it.  Nothing is going to get in my way but week 6-7 is not as motivating as week 1-4.

Staying on track on my food and continuing to trim down a bit will continue to be the driving motivation for me.

Pushing through...

Saturday, December 1, 2012


Hey people.

This week was a bit stressful.  What started as a tiny little leak in my ceiling has turned into a major construction and demolition project. I am not happy.  Especially since I have to deal with this until the new year.  Mid to late January at best.  So I have a huge hole in my ceiling until then.  How awesome.

On the P90 front, I am doing pretty good.  For some reason I feel like I am slowing down.  But I am really not.  The routines are still killing me and I look forward to the yoga days but still...I feel like I am exhausted all the time.  On the positive side, I am now seeing changes to my upper body.  Especially my shoulders and chest.  It is all those damn push ups.  I hate them but I love them.  ;)  Although I am down a few belt sizes, I still don't see any change in the mid-section.  I think that is because I am super hard on myself there.  I don't think I will ever be happy with that section unless I am under 5% BF and have a six pack.  And of course, that is NOT my goal.  Oh well.  I am still pushing along and about to start week 7 soon.  I kinda want to repeat week 6 so that is on my mind a bit.  With all the stress going on at work and at home I don't feel I really gave week 6 the attention it required.  On the diet or exercise front.  I just have to remind myself that I am in control and get back to making better decisions.  It all boils down to decisions.

My BeachBody bro and P90X challenger Mike has also created a blog here.  Give him a look:

Here is a pic of the lovely hole in my ceiling.  In Jan-Feb, my entire ceiling has to come down so they can replace it and respray the surface.  Will be a fun winter for sure.