Monday, August 12, 2013

What a weekend.

The weather gods cooperated and handed down some sunny albiet cool days this past weekend. Not a drop of rain in sight.  Of course I'd rather the hot sweltering heat but what can you do?  Anyway, I was lucky enough to play over 6 hours of some top notch tennis with my partners.  I dominated.  It was a great time on the courts for me this weekend.  Over 30 games on Sunday and I think I lost 2…or maybe 3.  Either way, those are some awesome scores in the world of tennis.  Over 50 winners and some killer return winners…which is what I was practicing.  All in all, I am more than happy.  Where are the ATP scouts?  pfft.

On the ouch side, my sport hernia is acting up a lot lately.  I can feel it all day now doing the simplest of things.  I can really feel it when I am serving on the courts or lifting at the gym.  There is no breach so it is almost impossible to have surgery and it seems there are no ways of recovering 100%.  Guess it is something I will have to live with for a while.  My time off in the states will help I'm sure.  5 days off tennis is bound to give the body a bit of a reprieve.  Not to mention the advil and supplements I am on. 

And other than the awesome court time, I hit the gym all 3 days and got in some great workouts.  I have a new workout partner for the weekend sessions and that alone has helped me raise my maxes on almost all of my sets.  Sunday was a bit less this time around as I had just come off a 3 hour hitting match on the courts.  I didn't have 100% that day.  But on a positive note, I ran.  Yup, you heard it here first.  I actually ran.  First attempt in over a year since my torn calf muscles.  Sure it was only 10 minutes but it was a good start.  Going back today to give it a more hardy try.  The pace is a joke so don't judge me.  4.7 on the treadmill.  It is that level that exceeds speed walking but is just under a steady jog.  A good place to start for me at this point.  At this speed my calves get tight but they are not at a level that has me collapsing on the ground.  Thankfully.  Hopefully in time, I will be able to add more effort and time to this experience.  Good to have a goal again.  I was not about to let my body dictate what I could or couldn't do.  Not at this age....not yet.  Of course I know my limits as well.  I'm not an idiot.  Not much of one anyway....

And to top off the weekend, I got in a great 35k cycle on Saturday afternoon with my bud Mikey.  It was pretty relax with speeds less than 30k most of the way but there were some great accelerations and hill work thrown in for good measure.  Always nice to be back on the bike.  Weather was perfect.  Next time, it has to be longer...  

Sigh…the food journey.  I didn't have a good food week.  I caved and had some bread and some doritos this past weekend.  I still took my meds which was key but all in all I still feel it was a failure of sorts.  Although I worked out enough to cover the calories it was the sugar imbalance that had me more worried.  So I am back on track and will be watching those sugarry carbs more closely this week.  I haven't had a chocolate bar in weeks.  And that is something!!!  Considering I usually had 2 or more a day.  Everyday.  Bread is the devils food I tell ya.  No good can come of it. 

And lastly, I've hit a plateau on the weight loss.  I guess my meds only had a limit to how much they were going to affect my body.  Oh well, I'll take it.  Better than nothing.  All in all, from last year at my heaviest during my bulking program of 200, I have lost just shy of 20 pounds.  I know that is hard to believe when you look at me cause I don't look that much different, but I can tell.  My muscle structure has changed for sure.  I lost a lot of mass on my legs and arse and the rest came from all over.  I am now coming in at about 180 now.  Ultimately I want to lose about 10 more pounds.  However, what I should say is that I want to lose 10 pounds of fat and replace it with more muscle.  That is a good trade off.  But of course, hard to achieve.  Fear not though, this fight ain't over.  There is no finish line.  (A lesson that I just recently learned).  Giving myself a time limit was a stupid way of sabotaging myself.  Duh.  So now it is day by day.  The good, the bad and the awesome.  Luckily I have people who motivate me (more than they can ever know) and who have gone through similar challenges.  And to those of you who are working out with me and pushing me on the courts, you have no idea how much you enrich my life.  And to those of you who I haven't seen in a while, believe it or not, you motivate me as well because I know you are either on your skates, on your bike or running somewhere fighting your own challenges. 

So here's to you.  There is no fail if you tried.  You failed if you didn't try.